Polaris  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences    Polaris Lab, Gurgaon-18 Nov 2006

Polaris  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences    Polaris Lab, Gurgaon-18 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi All,

    I went Polaris Lab Gurgaon on 18 nov for a Offcampus (1.5 years to 5 years)

    for c/Unix

    as i entered thier arena it was a feeling in its own to be there so well maintained and

    Good infrastructure on first sight you would be prody coz its Local!! company a indian MNc

    I reached there at 9:20 am had to wait for 10 mints then they called up to us in a training

    type of room. They gave use two papers as it was mainly C/unix opening so  quite obviously it

     was from c and Unix 31 questions combinedly  50% cut-off  no negative marking so please attend

    All questions  they are friendly people will help you for every query.

    Start your test you have lots of time behind you  50 mints or 1 hour dont worry because paper is not so hard or lenghty

    c Paper

    16 questions

    I am giving you question those i remembered i am sorry for that hope it will help you all.

    1.one question related to pass by value and pass by pointer in a function and print the change  take place with passed
      value in the main function

    2. pointer to function

    3. pointer to array

    4. macro (#define)

    5. static data type scope

    6. switch case

    7. file handling


    15 questions

    1.grep command

    2.rm   command

    3. sed find combine

    4. grep combined with find command

    6. awk command

    7. pid value

    8.one question on script writing using 'lt' command

    Sorry thats all i remembered but one thing to remember if you stuck somewhere keep ticking c or b because 

    lots of questions are having c or b options as right choice

    Then there would be a tech Interview:

    For my interview there was a so calm and descent lady

    She started my interview with my resume

    Tell me about yourself

    Then some question from my previous job  as i was for experinced opening .Then she asked my how much i will rate my self

    Out of 10 i gave 8 out of 10 Hahahahaha:))

    she started with File handling  about static data type extern  in data structure she asked my about trees what is a binary tree

    how to insert data in a binary tree at the end

    Thats all then she told me that i am ok from her side

    please wait outside

    then after few mints one lady from Hr came and told me to leave and they will get back to me later i dont know

    If i was selected or not i m waiting for their reply  till now hope it will be good if they reply

    Thanks thats all have  great future for you all



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