PHILIPS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -17 Jul 2010

PHILIPS  Placement Paper   General - Other   -17 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Q1)for all X(roar(X)=3D>lion(X))
       a)all lions roar
       b)some lions roar
    Q2)on some polynomial bounds
    Q3)on emiter coupled logic
    q4)four qustions on  given digital ckt
     from kennedy book ther are 5 questions.

    Q5)one from  recivers,one from digital comm,one coaxial cable repeater
    distace depends on the channel BW.What is the use of IF
    Q6)If channel BW is 35khz.What is the maximum freq of data u can
    Q7)line with 2400buads,the dat u can ransmit on it is
    these are the qustions in 1 st section
    Q1) void(int *a,int *b)
        *b=3D*b^*a;  /* ^ is exclusive OR */
      this function gives the value
      a)a & b values swaped
      b) a&b  unchanged
    Q2) on inorder traversal in binary tree
    Q3) on black box testing
    Q4) on fun(n)
          unsigned long n=3D~0; /* ~ is ones complement */
      Out put of this programme segment is
      a)it will give the word length in that machine
      b)gives max int vlue in the machine
    Q1)sentenc given with blanks we ahve to fill tehm with words
    Q2)same as above
    Q3)A qustion on relations
       david is grand father to sue
       karen is sister to jim
       jim is uncle to eric and sue
       jim is nephew to larry
    only married couple can have children and blood relation can't marry
    there are 4 questions on this
    Q4)on data suficiency
    they will give the table of data
        philips  bpl  onida  vediocon
    1989   data    "   "        "

      q1)whose is consistent growth
      q2)whose is highest groth
      q3)lowest growth
    Q5)GK question  ambassidor means
    Q6)who IS WHERE  ANS: hague
    Q9)they will give u diagram and find the shortest path between some belman ford algo in NW.


    Section 1 - Electronics and Mathematics - 20 questions
    section 2 - Computer Science
    section 3 - Aptitude

    Electronics and computer science

    1. A circuit was given with lot of flip-flops etc and the operation of that
    circuit was asked.   
    2. 15 software functions are there.  It is known that atleast 5 of them are
    defective.  What is the probability that if three functions are chosen and
    tested, no errors are uncovered.    
    Ans : 10  *  9  * 8
           --    --    --         
           15    14    13            

    Computer Science
    1.Java is        
    a) Multithreaded b) intrepreter c) compiler d) all of the above          
    Ans :d
    2.  The number of nodes in a k-level m-ary binary tree is :

    A graph was given and questions regarding shortest path was asked.
    For one question shortest path was asked and the answer is none of the
    Overall the question paper was easy.


    HR questions:     
    1.What is your strengths and weaknesses
    2.What are the values u respect  
    3.Site a reason why philips should hire u
    4.What will u do if u are asked to manage a project which will definitely
    skip its deadline.

    Technical (for me)
    1.What is runtime locatable code?
    2.What is volatile, register definition in C
    3.What is compiler and what its output.


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