Persistent  Placement Paper   General - Other   SGSITS,Indore-16 Jun 2008

Persistent  Placement Paper   General - Other   SGSITS,Indore-16 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello..,Friends, i am shrawan patel from SGSITS INDORE(MP) .....pursuing M.E.(E&TC)......persistent came to our college on 17-18 june 2008.......................200(approx) student appeared  in written test for both Development(CS candidate) and Testing(Non CS Candidate)

    There were 2 written and 3 interviews round
    1st Written Round
    >Aptitude Questions (very simple)
    >C related Questions (approx 10)
    >Reasoning Questions (approx 10)
    >Some English Questions (very Simple)

    2nd written round
    >two Questions were there..(1 simple C program & 1 puzzle (little tough)).
    only 27 Candidates(10 NCS and 17 CS) were short listed for interviews round. and now Main role was going to start......

    1st interview round,(technical round)
    >for NCS candidates they were asking from their branch and puzzles and some simple programs (like string related programs),,,for CS Candidates they were asking complete C & DATA STRUCTURE & DBMS etc.
    my questions were.....
    >some digital electronics Questions( like implimentation of XOR using NAND & NOR gates)
    >some Questions from 8085(read & wright machine Cycles, basic info about 8085...and some more question)
    >some questions from Optical & mobile Communication (like TIR, Benefits of OFC, GMSK, PSK & GSM / CDMA)
    >Two puzzles (For NCS they were asking many  puzzles so practice for puzzles)

    2nd interview round(technical round)
    >  my 1st interview round was good.. that's why they didn't take my second interview..but u should be prepare for that also.

    3rd interview round(HR round)
    > HR round was very relax and go for HR...... my Qs were..............
    > tell me about yourself.
    >tell me about your family values.
    >why persistent.?
    >why IT from E& TC.? 
    >why M.E.?
    >why no job after B.E.?          
    >Do U have any Previous Offer.?
    >Qs about my strengths and weaknesses.?
    >Do u think that u r best  ?
    >Do u want to ask something.?

    i answered all the questions in very confident way.... Finally 11 candidates (7 NCS & 4 CS) were selected.....i was also one of them.....thank GOD..... ok friends.......its all about my experience....and good luck u all....

    waiting for u .....@ PERSISTENT SYSTEMS........
    GOOD LUCK.........

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