Persistent  Placement Paper   General - Other   Indore-04 Jun 2008

Persistent  Placement Paper   General - Other   Indore-04 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
    I am Sharad Garg .I faced 2 Written, 2 TECHNICAL and 1 HR round.

    1Writtent Test: this test is objective type which is having 40 question in 1 hour
    No of Quetion Area
    10 Q from aptitude 
    5 Q from LR
    10-12 Q C language
    8-10 Q DS
    8-10 OS 

    2 Written Test: this test having three program for which i m required to write the code in one hour.these three question from DS (from graph)
    Q1. A city connected graph and it's adjency matrices are given to me and i m required to find city which is connected to min and max no of cities. 

    Q2. Second Question having five fill in the blanks and corresponding condition are given in comment. we r required to write the condition in if..else statment like
    i m giving u a sample example:
    /* value of x can not be less then y */
    if(....) // Q 1
    printf("y is always greater then x");

    Q3. is also based on graph for finding the minimum weighted path.

    1 TECH:(1:30 hour's) it's totally based on DS and second written test. some simple puzzle 

    2 TECH: (1:30 hour's)it's also based on DS and some HR ques and some question from OS. 

    HR: general HR questions based on your CV. so you should able to justify each and every word written in ur CV. They can ask anything. show your confidence and presence of mind. maximum questions are based on my hobby.

    that's all. and finally i m was not so easy but not so tuff also.
    1st round around 400 students
    2nd round only 67 students
    3 rd round around 6(Devloping)+9(testing) students
    4 th round only 4 (Developing) student
    final round only 2 (Developing) student from DAVV (1 MCA(Sharad Garg)+ 1 BE(Sachin))


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