Persistent  Placement Paper   General - Other   -31 Dec 2010

Persistent  Placement Paper   General - Other   -31 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Persistence paper SGSITS

    1. If there r n proceses and each process waits p time in waiting state then cpu utilization is-:
      a) n(1-p)
      b) n*p

    2. A string of pages were given and no of page faults have to be found in LRU algorithm           

    3. here is a file server which provides locking for mutual exclusion . if any procees locks the file and abruptly terminated this will result in indefinitely locking .The solution they found is to implement a timer for locking of file i.e. if time outs then server assumes that file is indefinitely locked and terminate the process ?
      a) this solution is perfect for mutual exclausion
      b) this will solve indefinite locking
      c) this will result in interleaving of file between processes

    4. A critical section is ?
      ans a set of instruction which is shared by many proceeses

    5. There was a question on automata  ans ? the resultant string will have even no of c

    6. CFG was given 
      S -> 1 S 1
      S-> 0 S 0
      S -> 1 1
      S -> 0 0
      Find out the string

    7. One singly circular ordered list is there if M elements are ti be inserted what will be the complexity of time
      a) O(M*N) 
      b) O(M*(M+N))
      c) O ((M+N) * log(M+N))

    8.  find postfix and prefix of 
      A + B * ( C + D ) / E + F 

    9. Find out shortest path from A to B                                                                           
      A B C D E
      A 0 m
      B m 0 2 2 m
      C 0 5
      D 0 6
      E 0

    10. From the following when 43 will not be found by binary search (a series was given with last element 43 in each)

    11.  From 100 ? 999 find the prob. Of getting 3 digit no with no 7 in any of its digit
      a) 18/25
      b) 10/25
      c) 729/1000

    12.  from the set {a,b,c,d,e,f} find no of arrangements for 3 alphabet with no data repeated

    13.  To save space which option is better 
      a) write all join operation than select than project
      b) ---------,,------------------than project----select
      c) ----------,,-----------------in b/w select and project

    Employee = { e_no , salary, fname, lname}
    Works_On = {e_no, p_no, hrs}
    Project = {p_no, p_name}

    1. select e_no from Employee where salary = salary
      a) query invalid

    2. Select fname ,lname from Employee where e_no in (select e_no from works_on where p_no =(select * from project))
      a) name of Employee who works on all project

    3. B tree is different from other 
      a) has fixed index file size
      b) is better for queries like < <= > >=                                                                        
      c) searching will be easy

    4. func(char *s1,char * s2)
          char *t;
      void main()
        char *s1=?jack?, *s2=?jill?;
        printf(?%s %s ?,s1,s2);
      OUTPUT jack jill

    5. void main()
         int a[5] ={1,2,3,4,5},i,j=2;
         for (i =0;i<5;i++ )
         for (i =0;i<5;i++ )
      func(int j,int *a)

    6. oid main()
         for (a=1;a<=100;a++)
         { }
      how many times foo will be called.                                                                                
      a) 5050
      b) 1010

    7. A hash table has a sie of 11 and data filled in its position like{3,5,7,9,6}how many comparisons have to be made if data is not found in the list in worst case
      a) 2
      b) 6
      c) 11

    8. packet switching is better than circuit switching coz
      a) it takes less time
      b) it takes less bandwidth

    9. addition of two sparse matrix in 3 tuple notation ---time 30 min
      24a tree has 1000000 nodes than how many search r required to search a node           
      a) 25

    10. A prgrm to arrange a string in order of occurrence of the character


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