Perot  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -26 Aug 2005

Perot  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -26 Aug 2005

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Dear Friends,
     I am a dormant member of this group and only used to go thru the mails and never responded. Recently I have attended the Perot Systems at Kolkatta on 27.8.05.

    They need a huge staffing for their projects, only one hav to crack the exam properly. I got somewhat unlucky and was not able to get thru the exam.  I wud rather try again with more determination.

    Here are few tricks and some questions:
    1. Try to solve all the problems of RS Agrawal/Tyra's  Quantitative on time&work, trains,series thorughly.
    2. Look out for data sufficiency too,as they r also there
    3. Every one with  Exp. less than 3 yrs or freshers hav to go through apititude.
    4. there r 3 sections with 35 questions total to be answered in 45 mins.
    5. Sec1- 20Qeach 1 mark, Sec2-10Q each 2 marks,Sec3-5Q each 5marks.
    ****N.B*** Never try to attempt the Sec-3 first(the Staff present there wud persuade u to do it first in order to secure gud marks), try the other two sections first then return bck to Sec-3 if time permits.
    6. For Interview go through the C/C++ basics as the choice is  your's.
    7. For Java/.Net/Testing go thoroughly thru SQL queries,joins, procedures etc., as theywud ask very deep in this case.
    8. In case of MAINframes, I can't say but the advntge is that apptitude test results r not required for them, they will surely hav Per.Intrvw.


    Sec1: all questions are easy with series completion, small questions like

    Q. there r certain no. of cows and hens. the no. of legs is 14 more than twice no. of heads present. find the no. of cows present? ans-7
    Q.1,8,27,64,?   ans-125
    I can't remeber other  questions as they were easy and more in number.Rest were Data sufficiency like
    Q. when is Ramesh's birthday
    Stmt1: It was between 13th and 15th and 13th being Wednesday
    Stmt2: It was not on Thursday.

    these r very easy, one can score all these.

    Sec2: all questions were tedious and time consuming
    Q. Two trains cross each other travelling in opposite direction. The faster crosses in 9sec the slower one and the speeds are given in km/hr, find the length of a train??

    Q. A, B, C, can complete the work in 36,54,72 days respectively. they r given a work and before 12 days, A left. Before 8 days B left away, so worked for how many days???

    Q. A garrison had food for 1200 soldiers for 30 days and few were added and their food intake is more than the normal group, so how many days, it will last???

    this section is very important as one can get max scores from this, if one's thorough prperly. I cant remeber others.

    Sec3. It is full of confusing algorithms andmakes one to waste a lot time, consuming ur logical brain,but if one is sure of solving then he may try it.  As there is no compulsion to attend this section, as you have to get the pass marks only.

    I did the mistake of attempting Sec.-3 first, on the instruction of the Guides/ Staffs of Perot systems present there, they want to confuse you, so BEWARE.

    Believe me my own friends who did not attended sec-3 got qualified and I got disqualified only bcoz i lost all my time in Sec-3 there solving 3-4 Qns. and was not able to answer Sec-2 properly.

    (Paper Submitted By : Rakesh)

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