Perot  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -1 Aug 2006

Perot  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -1 Aug 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hai Friends,

    This is Pawan persuing MCA from MNNIT allahabd ..I m very glad 2 share a good news with all of u, I got selected in Perot System...i wud like 2 share my experience from PPT hall 2 offer letter. I hope it will help u 2 achieve whatever u want....

    Total appeared in written                     = 107
    No of Shortlisted candidates for tech   = 35
    No of Shortlisted candidates for HR     = 13
    No of final selected students               = 10
    There r 3 knockout round ......

    1> Written test
    2> Tech interview
    3> HR round

    Written Test pattern

    In written test they had two paper

    1. first written test  time :- 45min

     (I) section       20qs        
    -series type of easy prob n some short of logical reasoning
    -each que had 1 mark

     (II)section       15qs         
    -apptitute test (like time n distance ,train,age prob,ratio,a)

    -each que  had 2 marks

     (III)section       10qs         
    -logical que related 2 programming,flowchart prob,
    hexadecimal 2 decimal prob,
    -each que had 5 marks.

    All the ques of each section were very easy..only u need 2 maintain ur speed..

    one thing which very very much imp don't start with the III section bcoz it may waste ur more time ..they will say last section is having more weightage then try 2 solve first this but it is strogly recommended 2 u don't do that......

    2. second written test time :-20 min
    25 que      - very easy fill in the blanks type prob they check ur basically grammer not take more  tension about was very easy u can solve this easly.

    Technical interview
    1-    firstly they saw my all records n told nice n response +ve by my good academic career
    2-    they asked tell me something about ur self
    3-    some que about my achievement
    4-    some  que were related with my bachelor degree..
    5-    they started from some puzzles bcoz I was having my hobby as a solving puzzles
    6-    they asked what is ur area of interest
    7-    I told datastructure(DS),DBMS
    8-    They asked me types of DBMS
    9-    Diff b/w RDBMS &NDBMS
    10-    Hw my types of relation u can define
    11-    And implement M-N relation using figure n after that take some real life example
    12-    Wh many table wud b needed 2 establish a M-N relation
    13-    What is difference b/w PRIMARY KEY & UNIQUE KEY
    14-    What is use of both key..give some example
    15-    Foreign key can be NULL
    16-    Elaborate it using some expl to foreign key which is existing the property of NULL
    17-    Hw many types of sorting u know 
    18-    Write a code for merge sort using 2 unsorted arrys n elaborate it
    19-    They asked me u did appeared before in any comp..then I told some comp like I appeared in cisco ,csc,infosys,accenture......n I did not sit in wipro,cts,ITC infotech n soara,,,,,,,,,then they asked me u did not clear written of any comp..then I told sir I clear all the round  of accenture (GD,HR,TECH),,,then they told u clear all round y u didn't selected then I told him due to gap year prob becoz I m having 1yr gap of 12th n 1yr gap after graduation ..
    20-     Then suddenly they said y u left wipro...yaar wipro is good comp..then I told him sir my senior they r working there n directly told me don't join wipro so I decided 2 not sit in wipro..................
    21-    Then in the last they told me do u want 2 ask any question???

    HR round
    In this round they just selected only 13 people n they decide didn't take HR then instead of HR they took Combined GD of 13th ppl...

    N only 1 person had HR after GD process becoz they were highly confused about him then they took them ultimately ..he  was not in rest of three..

    After this round they announced results 10 out of 13 got placed ..we got offer letter......
    So guys have patience u wud b placed sooon best of luck


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