Perot  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   ACET, Amritsar-

Perot  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   ACET, Amritsar-

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    7 Jan, 2012



    H i Friends,.......

                 I am Ramandeep kaur. perot came for joint campus placement in ACET ,amritsar on 14 of march,2007.out of 1500 students only 165 were  selected. after written test and then we gave tech. and hr interview . 8 students were selected from our college and i was one of them. 

     The procedure for selection was

    1 .Written test (1 hour
    written test  was very easy. it consists of general aptitude ques. paper consists of 5 parts

    1. seri es completion ques.
    2. data sufficiency ques. all from rs aggarwall(verbal and non verbal) very easy
    3. questions from topics such as time and distance,trains,time and work - from rs aggarwal 
    4 . logical ques. on flow charts - to find o/p, some algorithm is given - to find the o/p. easy, student f rom any other stream  can also do it. iam from electronics and comm.
    5. English paper - easy

    2 . Technical  inteview

    1. Describe yourself

    2. Are you comfortable with c++  - as iam from electronics so i said no . then he started asking  many ques. from microprocessor

    3.He gave  the problem of up.

    4. Wap to find the max. no.from given set of no. and to find its position

    5 Then he asked me- if u want to ask ques.

     puzzels were also given to some students

    3. HR interview

    it also consists of basic ques. such as what is multiplexer, types of multiplexing,FM,AM, basic ques. on c++ and ques from my resume.

    best of luck!

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