Pentaware Tech  Company Profile

Pentaware Tech  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Pentaware Company profile

    Corporative View:

    Pentaware is a fast emergent IT concern. They serve the global with technology, consulting and forecasting. They are the provider of server and application softwares for small scale, medium scale and large scale industries.


    The main objective of his company is to expose young minds towards the world of information technology instilling in them confidence and fortitude, and to face new global challenges in it industry. They are undertaking projects in the meadow of application software, system software and OEM.


    Pentaware serves for its business clients in variety of ways. They develop world class softwares to make your business success.


    The success story


    Starting from a small office, now Pentaware become established

    • We have world wide clients
    • Customer rate increasing day by day
    • Launching BPO process
    • Export operations in USA , Canada , UK and Singapore
    • Exporting into all the country
    • More satisfied customers
    • New innovative design softwares

    Small Scale


    The Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging (S3IP) Center is a research and development organization that addresses research challenges in small scale system design, process development, prototyping, and manufacturing for academia and the microelectronics industry.

    They have an open and transparent culture. Openness facilitates informed decisions, shared understanding and builds an environment of trust in the organization. They respect his customers, recognize that they have different needs and continuously strive towards satisfying those needs by improving the quality of his solutions and services. It trust and respect people and recognize their contributions to the company


    Medium scale


    The sheer scale of Medium scale systems changes everything. Medium scale systems will necessarily be decentralized in a variety of ways, developed and used by a wide variety of stakeholders with conflicting needs, evolving continuously, and constructed from heterogeneous parts.

    Pentaware is committed to providing you with professional, yet affordable products, services and support. It works extensively on each new product to ensure that it is a stable, fast and easy to use. They track any issues found with in our software and work to solve them quickly.


    Large scale


    These characteristics may appear in today?s systems and systems of systems, but in ULS systems, they will dominate. Consequently, ULS systems will place unprecedented demands on software acquisition, production, deployment, management, documentation, usage, and evolution practices.


    Work Culture:


    Pentaware people are some of the most creative, forward-thinking people in the business world. They come from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds and are able to work in a dynamic and professional environment that values each person's perspective. The different points of view they bring lesd to superior business solution for Legend and our clients. They proactively capitalize on business and technology opportunities that enable levels of performance.


    Entry level Recruitment:


    Want a rewarding job that will strengthen your skills and increase your knowledge? At Pentaware, They are committed to give his employees excellent growth opportunities-ones that will add value to your career and improve your career performance.


    Pentaware world of opportunities:


    • Pentaware Servers
    • Pentaware Multimedia
    • Pentaware Application software development
    • Pentaware Import and Exports
    • Pentaware Online store
    • Pentaware Peripherals


    India Office Locations:

    Kakanad, Kochin, Kerala.


    Trichy Road , Coimbatore , Tamilnadu.


    Shortly at:

    Malleswaram, Bangalore , Karnataka

    Velachery, Chennai, Tamilnadu



    Skype: pentawareserv

    Msn: pentawareserv

    Yahoo: pentawareserv

    Call our customer care: 08012640195

    Query & CC: ext 21

    Sales: ext 22

    Support: ext 23

    Fax: ext 24

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