Oracle  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-2 Aug 2007

Oracle  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-2 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends,...... Oracle has visited our campus. There were three rounds 2 Technical and 1 HR may be 3 Technical
    And gone into the firstTechnical Round

    There they asked me about my academics and courses that I have done.
    They saw the Website competition in which i have won second prize
    They said me to make the whole design of the Websites and how you selected the main points of the website
    They may ask about the concept and code also

    After that they asked about Next project
    My project was Eshopping website
    They told me to write the whole concept and the E-R diagram of the Database of the Website.
    Then I explained about the Whole database.
    They asked about The normalization, and cardinality, primary key, foreignkey.
    They asked question about how i was managing users consistancy who logs into the website.
    asked how data if flowing to different tables and why those tables needed.

    Then next day I shortlisted for the next round....

    HR round...(For HR u need good communication and Self confidence)
    They were seeing my resume very carefully..
    They asked about the academics..
    Why so less marks in Graduation.
    I gave them proper reason that i had.
    What about your Family?
    Why do you joined this college?
    About the experience in the college?
    As I have done a part time job also so they asked about that also what kind of work was that.
    Asked about my favourite subjects.Then What grade do you give yourself in those subjects?
    I said C, C++ ,DBMS and i grade myself as 7 out of 10.
    They asked me about my school, and my city and state.
    About me rank in competition that i have faced before getting admission to the college?
    What options did i hav if i didn't got admission here?
    i told about other exam in which i got good ranks.

    Then She asked for the question from my side..

    2nd Technical
    They asked me about favourite subj or like to write query?
    I said Query..
    They gave me two queries.

    1) A table ABC that has 3 columns
    -ive are payments
    description, amount, date
    a -10000 30-08-07
    b 12000 31-08-07
    c 5000 31-08-07
    a 15000 01-09-07
    a 1200 01-09-07
    b -2100 02-09-07
    c -14000 03-09-07

    I was asked to write a query to find receipt and payments for each day disply according to date
    Date Receipt Payment

    2) Data was given as
    Empno salary deptno paydate
    They asked about the primary key of this table.
    Then they asked to write query
    Find the empno, deptno of that employee who are getting second highest salary from last 3 months.
    Next question was there can be more than 1 such employees.
    Then they asked about academics and let me go
    When I saw result I was placed.....


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