Oracle  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-1 Jan 2004

Oracle  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-1 Jan 2004

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    7 Jan, 2012

         ORACLE Sample Paper


    30 qns. technical - 30 mins. - mostly on DBMS, Oracle(like what would be the output), C, C++, Java(2-3 qns. on class and constructors) and data structures.

    30 qns. general - 30 mins. - 7 qns. aptitude, more like English (filling up prepositions, same meaning, reading comprehension, four sentences would be given - you have to order them to form a paragraph, similarly four questions would be given - you have to say which one is a inference statement, which one is a judgement,etc.)

    The technical test would be easy and general test would be little difficult.

    In the interview, they asked me the following questions.

    1. what are the macros other than C macros (the macros in word,excel)
           A macro in MS-word is used to group a sequence of jobs and make it as a button or keyboard shortcut.
    Suppose, if you need always to draw a table containing 2 rows and 5 cols, you can start,record a macro and
    make it as a button and put in taskbar, sothat when you press it, you will be provided with a fixed table.

    2. can you delete a column from a table. In oracle 9i, you can do it by the statement
    ALTER TABLE table1 DROP COLUMN column1; In oracle 8,you can't.

    3. can you store a image in oracle and by which datatype? Yes, you can and it can be acheived by using a BLOB (binary large object) type and store upto 4GB in a single column.

    4. have you used reports and forms in oracle?

    5. have you written applications to retrieve stored images in a table?

    6. some DOS commands and UNIX.

    7. project desription (both academic and miniprojects,if any)

    8. some situation questions like what would you do if your company is burning,etc.

        Please have a look on DBMS, and some simple queries like 'select * from dual' for the technical
    test. And on the questions in the attached file. All the best.


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