OnMobile  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   S.J.C.E, Mysore-01 Dec 2010

OnMobile  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   S.J.C.E, Mysore-01 Dec 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Round: 1

    1) A clock takes seven seconds to strike 7, how long will it take to strike 10

    2) There are seven sports person standing in a line each of them is represented by a unique number the numbers are such thet the product of the first three numbers is equal to the product of the middle  three numbers is equal to the product of last three numbers find the middle number?

    Round: 2

    1) How many trailing zeros are there in 99!

    2) ABCD x E = DCBA each of them are unique a is non zero find ABCD

    3) Five webloggers - joshua Allen, meg Hourihan, jason Kottke, robert Scoble, and joel Spolsky - were competing for karma points on the major search engines: google, yahoo, altavista, <>lycos, and msn. karma was distributed on a five point scale. the most popular weblog received 5 points, and the least popular received 1 point. for each search engine, no two webloggers received the same number of points. overall scores were determined by adding up the individual scores from each search engine.

    Allen got the highest number of karma points - 24. Kottke was consistent in his scores: He got the same karma points from 4 different search engines. Spolsky got 5 points from lycos, and 3 from msn.

    No two webloggers got the same total score, and the final rankings were as follows: Allen, Hourihan, Kottke, Scoble, and Spolsky. how many karma points did Hourihan get from lycos?

    Round: 3

    There is an island filled with grass and trees and plants. The only inhabitants are 100 lions and 1 sheep.
    The lions are special:
    1) They are infinitely logical, smart, and completely aware of their surroundings.
    2) They can survive by just eating grass (and there is an infinite amount of grass on the island).
    3) They prefer of course to eat sheep.
    4) Their only food options are grass or sheep.

    Now, here's the kicker:

    5) If a lion eats a sheep he TURNS into a sheep (and could then be eaten by other lions).
    6) A lion would rather eat grass all his life than be eaten by another lion (after he turned into a sheep).

    1) Assume that one lion is closest to the sheep and will get to it before all others. Assume that there is never an issue with who gets to the sheep first. The issue is whether the first lion will get eaten by other lions afterwards or not.
    2) The sheep cannot get away from the lion if the lion decides to eat it.
    3) Do not assume anything that hasn't been stated above.

    So now the question:
    Will that one sheep get eaten or not and why?

    2) Consider five holes in a line. One of them is occupied by a fox. Each night, the fox moves to a neighboring hole, either to the left or to the right. Each morning, you get to inspect a hole of your choice. What strategy would ensure that the fox is eventually caught?


    1) D
    raw a square. divide it into four identical squares. remove the bottom left hand square. now divide the resulting shape into four identical shapes.
    2) This one is a classic that many of you have probably already heard, but all the more reason why it should definitely be included here. Four people are on this side of the bridge. The bridge will be destroyed by a bomb in 17 minutes. Everyone has to get across before that. Problem is that it's dark and so you can't cross the bridge without a flashlight, and they only have one flashlight. Plus the bridge is only big enough for two people to cross at once. The four people walk at different speeds: One fella is so fast it only takes him 1 minute to cross the bridge, another 2 minutes, a third 5 minutes, the last it takes 10 minutes to cross the bridge. When two people cross the bridge together (sharing the flashlight), they both walk at the slower person's pace. can they all get across before the bridge blows up?

    Person A: 1 minute

    Person B: 2 minutes

    Person C: 5 minutes

    Person D: 10 minutes


    3) F ive pirates have 100 gold coins. they have to divide up the loot. in order of seniority (suppose pirate 5 is most senior, pirate 1 is least senior), the most senior pirate proposes a distribution of the loot. they vote and if at least 50% accept the proposal, the loot is divided as proposed. otherwise the most senior pirate is executed, and they start over again with the next senior pirate. what solution does the most senior pirate propose? assume they are very intelligent and extremely greedy (and that they would prefer not to die).

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