ONGC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Hyderabad-19 Jun 2010

ONGC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Hyderabad-19 Jun 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I am posting the questions I remember from each section. For me i found GK to be unexpected as i expected lot of current affairs instead more of history, geography etc was there. That could be the really deciding part of the paper as rest of it seemed pretty easy.

    Objective - General Awareness    40 Questions

    1) Who was the political guru of Mahatma Gandhi?
    2) Where will be the next climate change summit COP 16 be held?
    3) Where will be the football world cup for 2010 be held?
    4) Who received 17th Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhawna Puraskar?
    5) Who is the president of IAEA?
    6) Which river cuts tropic of capricorn at two places?
    7) During 1907 Surat Split who was the president of Indian National Congress?
    8) What is the minimum age limit for eligibility of Chief Justice of India?
    9) Which is the highest peak of Satpura Range?
    10) Where is the source of River Krishna?
    11) According to census 2010 what is the number of females for 1000 males in india?
    12) President of India submits his resignation to whom?
    13) Mansabdari system was introduced by which ruler?
    14) Where was the first Buddhist Council in India held?
    15) Which is the first private organization to get CISF security?
    16) Who is the chairman of scientific advisory council to the Prime Minister?
    17) Naval exercise KONKAN is conducted between which 2 countries?
    18) Who wrote the book 'Neel Darpan' on Indigo Revolution?
    19) Which article in constitution says making children below age of 14 is a crime?
    20) Where is the "National Environment Engineering Institute" situated?
    21) What is the instrument for measuring blood pressure called?
    22) Deficiency of which vitamin causes pellagra?
    23) What is the other name for "Red Blood Corpuscles"?
    24) Where is the Bear Lake situated?
    25) Which is the sweetest sugar?
    26) In which session of congress the issue of Fundamental Rights was first raised?
    27) Where is Tipaimukh Dam located?
    28) Where is Tadri Ultra Mega Power project located?
    29) What is the rating of nuclear reactor in INS Arihant?
    30) Grand Master Parimarjan Negi won which prize?
    31) NH 15 connects which 2 cities?
    32) Indian Space application centre is located at?
    33) Which state of indian has the lowest decadal population growth?
    34) In assembly elections of which state all seats were won by a single party?
    35) In which region did the Moplah revolt happen?
    36) By end of which year did Indian Solar Mission target to produce 20000 MW of solar power as per indian 5 year plan?
    37) What is the term used when sun is nearest to earth?

    I missed only 3 questions :)
    Objective - Mechanical                80 Questions

    Many questions on industrial engineering. Few easy questions on thermodynamics and heat transfer. Fluids and SOM were also major constituents of the paper. Production did not come much. All in all technical wont be a pain at all for a serious attempt. It was pretty easy. No numericals only basics.

    Subjective - General Awareness   2 Questions

    1) Describe "Unity in Diversity" in India.
    2) Explain the impacts of globalization on rural economy of India.

    Subjective - Mechanical   2 Questions

    1) Define a thermodynamic system. What are the different types of thermodynamic systems.
    2) Explain various types of cooling systems for an IC engine.

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