ONGC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bharti Public School,delhi-19 Jun 2010

ONGC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bharti Public School,delhi-19 Jun 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    The total questions were 124 out of which 40 questions from G.K. and 80 questions from technical and 4 questions were descriptive.

    G.K. questions were

    1. Bear lake is in which country?
    2. River cutting tropic of Capricorn twice.
    3. Author of NEEL DARPAN
    4. Chairman of Congress when Surat split 1907 held.
    5. Min age defined for the judge of Supreme Court.
    6. Most sweet naturally occuring sugar.
    7. Which vitamin deficiency cause pallegra?
    8. Fundamental rights were first raised in the which summit of INC
    9.  President submits his resignation to whom?
    10. Tipaimukh DAM is in which state?
    11. Krishna River originates from which part
    12. Tadri Ultra Mega Power Project is in which state
    13.Name the State with highest decay in population growth rate?
    14. Sex ratio of India as per latest census
    15. MANSABDARI system was introduced by which Mughal emperor?
    16. Which championship was won by Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi?
    17.  Which two cities connected by NH-15 join?
    18. National Solar Mission is to ensure 20000 MW power production by which year?
    19. Which is the Highest Peak of SATPURA RANGE?
    20. Moplah Rebellion occurred in 1921 in which part of the country?[options were a)coromandal coast b)malabar coast c)Punjab]
    21. Who is the Political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?
    22. 2010 FIFA world cup will held in which country?
    23.  Who is the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Indian Prime Minister?
    24. In Assembly elections state in which a single party has won all seats?
    25. First Pvt. Company being provided CISF security?                                                          

    26. Indian Space Application Center is located in which city?                                                  
    27 .When sun is nearest to earth it is called?                                                                              
    28. Which two countries did KONKAN naval task?                                                               
    29. Who started ?All India Untouchibilty Abolishment Program??                                              
    30. In which city first Buddhist council held?                                                                                
    31. Who got Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavna award in 2010?                                                              
    32. Which among of them are types of RBC?s?                                                                               
    33. In which country 16-COP submit will going to be held?                                                         
    34. In which city National Environmental Engineering Research institute was first opened?       
    35. Place emerges as new mobile hub in India?                                                                            
    36. Name the instrument use to measure blood pressure?                                                        
    37. Arihant was the first submarine built by India. What is its capacity?                                                                                                                    
    38. Teacher?s day is celebrated in the honour of which person?                                              
    39. Child labour prevention act is in which article?                                                                         
    40. Who is the new head of International Institute of Educational planning?    



    Descriptive in G. K.

    1. Explain ?Unity in diversity? in India

    2. Impact of globalization on rural economy.



    1.      What is the expression of Thiele modulus?

    2.      Reynold?s no. Is defined as ratio of (ans. Intertial force/viscous force)

    3.      Prandtl no. Is defined as the ratio of (momentum diffusivity /thermal diffusivity)

    4.      Aeration and agitation is used in which type of culture?

    5.      Penicillin is the product obtained at which stage?

    6.      Which among the following type autocatalyst reaction occurs the most?  [a)esterfication b)saponification c)biological d)oxidation]

    7.      Which of the following does not effect the cake filteration?  [a)fluid b)fluid medium c)pressure drop d)temperature]

    8.      What is the range of ultrafilteration product?   [a)1-50 microm b)50-100 c)100-150 d)150-200]

    9.      Fluid mill is used for which of the following filteration process?

    10.  In a reactor 87% carbon passes, 7% unoxidised hydrogen passes. What will be the oxygen required per kg of carbon dioxide produced if 40% extra air is passed?

    11.  What is the condition of equilibrium? [a)entropy minimum b)gibb?s energy minimum c)temperature minimum d) pressure minimum]

    12.  Which condition is unfavourable for spontaneity of reaction? [a) G<0 b)G=0 c)G>0 d)G=1?

    13.  The terminal velocity is directly proportional to?(ans. Sq. Of diameter)

    14.  Ore of potassium?(ans. sylvinite)

    15.  Phosphorus is added in medium ?[a)increase buffer capacity b)decrease buffer capacity  c)increase resistance against contamination d) increase production of bacteria)

    16.  What will be the volume of 15 kg chlorine at 293K, .9 bar pressure?

    17.  Kraft process is used for the production of which product?(ans. Paper)

    18.  What are the major raw material for silicone production?(ans. Sand and carbon)

    19.  What is the purity of metallurgical obtained silicone? (Ans. 98%)

    20.  Dittus-boelter expression is used for ?(ans. turbulent flow)

    21.  Effectivness factor can be improved by?(ans. Increase size of catalyst particle and decreasing diffusivity of catalyst)

    22.  What is the co-ordination no. And packing efficiency of diamond?

    23.  Rayleigh equation can be obtained by using?( ans. Nusslet no. and grashoff no. )

    24.  Which force act in radial direction in cyclone seperator?( ans. Centrifugal force)

    25.  What is the expression to calculate height of the tower?( ans. NTU*HTU)

    26.  NTU method is used to calculate? (ans. No of stages involved)

    27.  Why LMTD is used? (ans. Because temperature change is not constant in Heat exchanger)

    28.  Designing of heat exchanger is based on? [ans. a)type of heat exchanger b)area of heat exchanger c)volume of heat exchanger d)  shape of heat exchanger]

    29.  Phase rule is given by? [a)gibb?s b)joule c) vant hoff d) Thomson]

    30.  What is the degree of freedom at triple point of water? (ans. Zero)

    31.  Activation energy is maximum for? [a)endothermic reactions b)exothermic reactions c)homogeneous d)heterogeneous]

    32.  What is the shape of dilatent fluid toward Newtonian fluid? (ans. Convex toward it)

    33.  What is the shape of q-line at saturated vapour conditions? (ans. Horizontal)

    34.  With increase in temperature the viscosity of the liquid? (ans. Decreases)

    35.  Among which two quantities the curve will plot to see the binary system at constant pressure and volume?( ans. tem. and concentration)

    36.  What is the effect of change in set point with change in load point?

    37.  What is the heat of reaction? (ans. Heat of product-heat of reactant at 373)

    38.  Drying phenomena will occur? [a)above b)below boiling pt. c)equal to d)at G=0)

    39.  In which of the following phenomena evaporation is a necessary phenomenon? [a)drying b)evaporation c)leeching d)distillation]

    40.  In lyophilisation the method of storage is..?[a)drying b)sublimation c)evaporation ]



    There were two ques. Which were numerical.....


    I must say if u want clear ONGC....then stick to the concepts...and u should b very-very good in G.K.










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