ONGC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bharti Public School,delhi-19 Jun 2010

ONGC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Bharti Public School,delhi-19 Jun 2010

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    Hi to all????????.

    The test consists of 40 general awareness questions ,80 technical questions and 2 descriptive of general awareness,2 descriptive of technical

           Technical ques are very easy???.For technical, Prefer GALGOTIA BOOK

    Questions related to General:

    1.       2010 FIFA world cup held in which country????..South Africa

    2.       NH-15 is in between?????..

    3.       Children should be sent to school they should not permit to work.This comes under which act????

    4.       Age for a judge in supreme court?????.

    5.       President should submit his resignation to????????

    6.       Mahatma Gandhi used to take advices from???????.

    Questions related to subject:

    1.       De-emphasis used to ???????

    2.       CRO uses which method of focusing????.

    3.       Integrator also called as ?????..ckt

    4.       An ideal op-amp has??i/p impedence,????.o/p  impedence and???..voltage gain

    5.       Unit of magnetic flux is?????..

    6.       Carrier synchronization is not needed with a)BPSk b)DPSK c)QPSK d)QAM

    7.       Minimum Band width required to transmit a 56kbps signal with no noise?????..

    8.       Which are best used as a basic comparator a)OR b)NAND c)AND

    9.       Voltmeter sensitivity is expressed in?????

    10.   Aspect ratio with reference to television is defined as ratio of?????.

    11.   Power factor of pure inductive ckt is a)0 b)unity c)0.9 lead d)0.9 lag

    12.   Wein bridge commonly used  for the measurement of????.

    13.   Micro controller consists of?????..

    14.   IC-555 timer consists of??????

    15.   Tunnel diode is a ??????..

    16.   ??????.Layer  submits data in the form of packets

    17.   Charge is given,voltage is given then calculate capacitance in Farads????.

    18.   Fastest A/D converter is ??????..

    19.   Positive feedback is same as ???????..

    20.   Which class has lowest efficiency

    21.   Neper is a)equal to decibel b)less than decibel c)larger than decibel

    22.   Modulation index of an AM wave is changed from 0 to 1v then transmitted power is????..

    23.   Damping ratio is unity then it is??????.system

    24.   Fetch cycle is??????..

    25.   Baud rate is always equal to ????????.of an ideal channel

    26.   No of comparators in a 4 bit flash ADC is?????..

    27.   Slew rate measured in?????..

    28.   Calculate conversion time for a 12-bit counter type ADC driven by 2MHZ clock

    29.   Resolution of 11 bit ADC if full scale o/p voltage is 10.24v??????.

    30.   The func  of Instruction register is?????????



    1.       Explain Unity in Diversity in India?

    2.       Explain the effects of Globalization on rural economy?


    1.       O/p equal to sum of integrals of voltages i.e., v0=(integral of v1)dt+(integral of v2)dt+(integral of v3)dt

    Prove the above using a circuit

            2.Prove the following using karnaugh map and verify the o/p using Boolean algebra

                    X=bar(ABCD)+(A bar)(B bar)(C)(D bar)+A(B bar)(C bar)(D bar)+(A bar)(C)(D)+(A)(B bar)(C)(D bar)




    Answers to subject:

    1.       De-emphasize high freq component

    2.       Electrostatic

    3.       High pass ckt



    12.Frequency determination and harmonic distortion analyser

    13.2 comparators,5 kilo Ohms resistances connected as voltage divider

    16.Data link layer


    18.Comparator converter


    20.class A

    21.larger than decibel

    22.Increased by 50%

    23.Critically damped

    24.First machine cycle of an instruction

    25.twice the bandwidth


    27.V/micro seconds

    28.Tc=T[(2^n)-1] where T=1/clock freq

    29.Resolution=full scale output voltage/[(2^n)-1]

    30.Contains the instruction which is being executed


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