ONGC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Ahmedabad-24 Oct 2009

ONGC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Ahmedabad-24 Oct 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012

    There are two sections:   

    1) General Awareness 

    2) Subject Specialization.
    The test is of objective type(120 questions) with 4 descriptive questions.
    There are 40 questions in General Awareness section.
    2 are of descriptive type.
    Same is the case with other section i.e. Subject Specialization. In this section there are 80 qts. 2 again are of descriptive type.
    I am writing some of the qts I remember.
    General Awareness section(Objective questions)

    1. Recently Sea link started in which Indian city?     

    2.      What is operation Black-Board related to?

    3.      Who wrote ?Discovery of India??

    4.      Who wrote ?My country, My life??

    5.      Highest peak of     Nilgiri Hills?

                6.   Largest Botanical garden in india is situated in which city?
                7.   Cyclone Nargis hits which country most worstly?
                8.   International date line passes through which sea or ocean?
                9.   Asia's first human DNA bank in which city?
               10.  What is green banking?
               11.  Which indian cricketer scored triple century in test cricket?
               12.  Army Operation 'Hand to Hand' is joint operation of India and which other country?
               13.   Kuchipudi dance belongs to which state?
               14.   What is the name of first indian nuclear submarine?
               15.    Mascot of Commonwealth games 2010?
               16.    What is project arrow related to?
               17.     Who is the chairman of Planning commission of  India?

    Descriptive questions(General awareness): 

    1.  Write in brief about global awareness against terrorism?

    2.  Effect on economy in recent recession time? 

    Descriptive questions(Electrical):

    1. Speed control of shunt & series motors and compare their merits & demerits?

    2. Why is parallel operation of alternators required and conditions for parallel operation?


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