ONGC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -19 Jun 2010

ONGC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -19 Jun 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends,
    This is Subhadeep here.Today's ONGC question paper is as follows.
    There are 40 G K question and 80 technical question and 4 subjective question.

    Few G K question are as follows.

    Highest peak of Satpura?
    Who introduce Manasabdari pratha?
    Who is Political guru of Mahatma Gandhi?
    Which of following naturally originated sugar is sweetest?
    a)Moltose b)Fructose c)Sucrose d)Glucose.
    Which River cut tropical line twice?
    What is the minimum age for Supreme Court judge?
    "KONKAN" naval exercise between which country?
    What is another name of Red Blood Corpuscle?
    President submit his resignation to whom?
    Where OCP16 will held?
    What is sex ratio of India?
    tipaimukh dam situated where?
    Who wrote "Nil Darpan"?
    Sun's highest distance from earth is called?
    Child Labor prevention act is in which article?
    What is capacity of India's First Nuclear Submarine(Arihant)?
     like this only which I feel a bit hard....

    Technical part was very easy most of the comes from general knowledge of computer science which need not any critical calculation just knowing oop concepts, os, basic functionality of network and software engineering is enough.

    There are four subjective question.
    From general awareness a)Unity in Diversity in India b)Globalization of Rural Economy
    From Technical part question are a)SDLC b) System Study in Simulation

    So be prepared and wish that exam date is a lucky day for you.As there is no negative marking......

    Best of luck.


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