Ocwen  Selection Procedure

Ocwen  Selection Procedure

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi ,

    I had given ocwen test long back, may be in nov. so lemme tell u whatever i know of this it is for a programmer position it self. dont worry, the salary is also supposed to be good,  the test had some 40-50 q.s to be ans. in 12 mins. all were easy, but u've to be really fast. some were std. quant. q.s and some were finding out the exact replica among the pairs that they give, (those were just words/names with no or li'l spelling mistake, and u've to scan all of them and write how many of them r exact replicas) and the rest were english proverbs, u've to choose the one which has nearly the same meaning as the one given.

    few. q.s realted to geometry were also there, (rather puzzles ) , but i cant remember them exactly. anyway all the best!
    ps: none in my batch had gotten thru their test!
    i donno if coming all the way from h'bad is worth it... may be if u were in b'lore it wud've been worth it even if u dont get thru the test, for u could go around ITPL with a visitor's pass... and awe at it !!

    (Paper Submitted By: Suma)


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