Ocwen  Placement Paper   Technical - Java   -1 Dec 2005

Ocwen  Placement Paper   Technical - Java   -1 Dec 2005

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Ocwen interview

    Core Java questions:
    1) Is it possible to synchronize an ArrayList?
    2) What are internable objects?

    1) Draw a use case? What are includes or excludes?
    2) Are sequence diagrams dynamic or static?
    3) What is the use of a singleton class?
    4) How is Façade design pattern better than proxy pattern?
    5) What is the Façade design pattern?

    1) How do you Keep alive a request
    2) What is validation framework in struts?
    5) What is Service locator design pattern?
    6) What are dynamic forms in struts?
    7) When we do a send redirect, what happens to the request 
    8) Can we override the _jspinit() function?
    9) What are actions and directives in jsp?
    10) Does ActionServlet interact with both Action class and the 
    ActionForms ?

    1) How do we get a JBDC connection?
    2) What are prepared statements?
    3) What are callable statements?
    4) What is the BCNF? What is partial dependency? What is transitive 
    5) What is lossless decomposition?
    6) Is there something called `lossy' decomposition

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