NTPC  Selection Procedure

NTPC  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012

    NTPC Ltd Test  Pattern -2011


    1 In writtens test No of  questions :120

    Technical questions-70

    Q.A,Current GK,English -50


    2.G.D and Interview (16 minutes :14 minutes for discussion and 2 minutes for conclusion)



    Interview 25-30 minutes

    1. About family background
    2. About your project
    3. Favorite subject
    4. Draw cycle of air COMPRESSOR (in depth about reciprocating compressor including multi stage type)
    5. Difference between axial and reciprocating type comp.
    6. What is optimum pressure ratio n where it is use.
    7. Write down the equation of optimum pressure ratio.
    8. Give practical example which u r using in day to day life of 2nd low of thermodynamics.
    9. What is entropy n give practical example.
    10. What is Energy.
    11. How u will convert petrol engine to CNG.
    12. What is steam engine.
    13. Diff between steam, vapour & gas.
    14. Draw the inversion curve and what is the use of it. 


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