NTPC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Visakhapatnam-01 May 2010

NTPC  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Visakhapatnam-01 May 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi friends, I?m Arun completed B.Tech (ME) in 2010.

    I appeared for the NTPC  ET-selection test 2010 which was held on 02.05.2010.

    The paper consists on two parts of  85 questions?

    Part I: 50 questions are from technical

    Part II: 35 questions are from General Awareness, Aptitude, and Reasoning, Reading comprehension, Data Interpretation.

    The paper setter stuck to the syllabus strictly...so it?s enough u prepare from the Part ?II exactly..

    In the technical part, most questions were asked from thermodynamics, SOM, FM, PT, MT, OR, PPC.

    Questions are like

     technical ?better start with Part ?II if u?re good at technical.


    Part-II questions are on G.K, Apt, RC, and LR

    ·      Mughal Emperors Land donation to Amritsar?

    ·      Municipal Election- student enrollment. How??

    ·      Ronaldo,?GK end

    ·      Scheduling means??

    ·      ABC analysis means?..

    ·      Problem on EOQ??

    ·      Simplex problem?

    ·      Preventive Measures in welding, electrical..

    ·      Computer basics about RAM

    ·      Concurrent Engineering means?.

    ·      Product Standardization refers to??

    ·      Problem on momentum principle?

    ·      Problem on Cantilever deflection?

    ·      Two questions on Vibrations transmissibility.

    ·      Two questions on Built Up Edge in MT.

    ·      Cost-production relation ?

    ·      Theory questions from the above stated subjects

    So you?ll have ample time fors with 5 ques

    ·      RC ? two ques

    ·      Finding errors- two ques

    ·      Phrase replacement ? 1 ques

    ·      Jumbled paragraph- 1 ques

    ·      Broken sentences- 1 ques

    ·      Apt starts?.time-money, probability, Volumes, Charts (Bar, Pie)

    ·      Reasoning?.



    Start with Part ?II ?u?ll have enough time?


    Any queries, doubts ?u?re free to ask me at



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