NTPC  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   hari Dass--delhi-2 May 2010

NTPC  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   hari Dass--delhi-2 May 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Appeared in ET-2010

    Specialisation : HR

    Centre:Hari Dass Senior secondary school, Najafgarh-nagloi road


    Most of the students applying in HR don?t get previous question or papers?. So for all u budding HR professionals out dere? I have posted some questions that I remember..

    good luck..all the best..

    1. Transactional Analysis is used for: (options-interpersonal,intraperson,inter-group,inter-organisational)

    2. What is not part of business ethics:(Environmental ethics, profiteering, social responsibility, ecological consciousness)

    3. What is Fahrenheit 9/11(part of General awareness)

    4. Training & Development thrusts on(options-Socialization, commitment, TQM/Quality, None of these).

    5. What is physiognomy?

    6. Phases of conflict

    7. Phases of Quality Circle

    8.Qho invented theory Z?

    9. Burke letwin models differentatite between org. culture and organisation________?

    10. What does not determine the effectiveness of Organisation structure? (strategy, culture, technology, environment)

    11.Study al types of transactions in TA..Subsitute transaction is not a kind of transaction in TA

    12.Compensation to expatriate on the basis of home country norms is known as:(going rate, cost of living, balance sheet approach, none of dese)

    13.what is geisischienshaft??

    14.which of them is not a kind of organisation structure? (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, circular)

    15.Which of them does not constitute the element of the mission statement? (options- competitive arenas, strategic control, Goals, Benefits)

    16.what is kaizen?

    17. which of them does not indicate labour turnover?

    (accession, absenteeism, replacement, separation)

    18.Rights of an employee because of taking retirement before his retirement age??

    19.study HRD Matrix..

    20: Uses of performance appraisals??

    21.What is not the procedure for Grievances?gripe box, open-door policy, questionnaire, opinion survey)

    22.which of them is not a group techniques (nominal group technique, observation, fish-bowling, Delphi technique)

    23.study situational interview

    24.HRP and how can it be ineffective??

    25.in capital lease, depreciation is claimed by?(Lessor, Lesse, Both, None of dese)

    26: Define of culture

    27. Types of MIS

    28 who constructed the golden temple in Amritsar ?(Jahangir, Akbar, Humayun,  n one more was dere but cudnt recall)

    29:Who is Christian ronaldo??

    30:Which company initially used 60 degree feedback system?



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