NTPC  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Delhi-24 Apr 2007

NTPC  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Delhi-24 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi friends i hv givn the paper of NTPC on 24 th april 2007 , first i tell i m frm mechanical branch so it would be great help 4 all those who will be going 2 gv the next yr or there after 2007 .Now coming 2 point the paper comprises of Aptitude , technical n english .In total there was 170ques.n n time is 2 hrs so time management is very crucial it is very imp that u give atleast 1 go to all ques.n

    Thr is -ve marking of 1/4
    Aptitude-50 ques.n : It was simple the quesns frm percentages, work time i guess who hv gvn the paper of CAT 4 them it would be simple there was nothing to prepare

    Tech-120 ques.n- It covers all subject which u hv studied in 4 years The ques.n normally on direct formulaes n units .The main subjects frm which they ask the quesn are:
    thermal and heat transfer       many q on heat transfer through cylinder, wall, sphere
    mechanics of solid /SOM      mohr circle,eq. bending formulae,
    mechanics of fluid/FOM        viscosity, mach no.etc,surface tension turbine and pumps -specific speed and unit formulaes
    OR-                                     CPM pert formulae time, crash cost
    MCTD                                 taylor eq.n, orthogonal cutting
    Auto /engine                         knocking , cycles, SI engine ,CI engine
    Tom                                     max acc of piston, unbalancing force primary n secondary, isolation factor, 

    I have attempt abt 115-130 Q with i think 90% accuracy n ihv cleraed the written xam  then follows GDn PI
    GD- Love marriagevs Arrange marriage
    PI - mixd personal n tech

    Written - 85% weightage
    This thing of weightage i came 2 know later on but i m telling u in advanc


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