Nokia Siemens Networks  Selection Procedure

Nokia Siemens Networks  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends.

    Nokia Siemens Network has come for recruitment in our college.there were 3 rounds
    1. written aptitude
    2.written technical
    3.Technical cum HR interview
    Written aptitude:
    • cross out the odd word type questions
    • speed time distence
    • 1 passage
    • alphabetic series a,c,f,---
    • train crossing at what time if the spped of both trains are given and time gap between r\two is also provided there.

    written technical:

             It was quite difficult because it was covering every course of
    • find power factor     ?
    • effect of negative feedback on any system
    • voltage current based conceptual question
    • difference http and https.
    • full form of VIRUS.

    Note: ratherv than numerical the questions wre based on concepts.

    • have good technical knowledge of the project u have done.
    • please be through in telecommunication.they don't only ask for drawing gsm archietecture but also asking for interference connecting them...same for gprs.
    • voltmeter.ammeter etc-how they work and what is the re inside it.
    • class a,b,c,ab amplifieres -with details.
    • rectifiers-with details.
    • ...................
    • are u willing to relocate?
    • can u work in places away from cities like small villages?
    • what is unique in personality of yours?
    • have you researched about nokia siemens.
    • how many hours do you surf net...reply as small as possible like 1 or 2 hr.
    • can you climb on the telephone tower..say yes



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