Nokia Siemens Networks  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NIT Srinagar-29 Mar 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   NIT Srinagar-29 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Nokia Siemens Networks Private Ltd. scheduled to visit our campus on 30 and 31 march 2010 jst after visiting NIT Hamirpur.


    First there had to be a objective written test(Technical+Aptitude) followed by the interview.

    Written test was conducted by Merritrac on 30th.It was one hour paper consisting of Apti(20 Ques) and Technical(25 Ques).They don't disclose the cutoff's, but surely there were sectional cutoff's.So you have to perform in both.Go through Communication Systems(1 and 2),Data Communications,Antenna and Electronic Devices(Major Portion).
    Apti was very easy.
    I am not giving the options available....
    1.A transmission line with characterstic impedence 50 ohms is terminated with a load of  i50 ohms.Calculate the VSWR.
    2.Full form of VIRUS.
    3.Point of difference between HTTP and HTTPS.
    4.Full form of FTP.
    5.Full form of SMTP.
    6.In a microprocessor wait conditions occurs when.....?
    7.Thr radiation pattern in plane perpendicular to Hertizian dipole is....?
    8.Duplexer in radar is used for...?
    9.Medium waves travel faster at night because.....?
    10.What is the speed of Fast Ethernet?
    11.Zener diode works on following principle.....??
    12.What is the conductvity and melting point of material used in Brushes,Switches,Relays...???
    13.What happens when an interrupt request arrives at microprocessor?
    14.Material of Gate in a MOSFET is...??
    15.What is the number of links in a network having 'n' nodes and 'B' branches..?
    16.the expression for XNOR gate is...??
    17.A circuit consisting of linear resistances and constants voltage source is used.If the value of resistors in doubled,what will happen to voltage across them..??
    18.In a satellite,uplink and downlink frequencies are different,because...??
    19.the efficiency in an AM system is..?
    20.PLL is used for demodulation of...??
    Then there were 2 ques from Negative feedback in Feedback Amplifiers.
    Interview can last upto even half an hour.They don't even look at ur file(certificates).The whole intervies was on my practical training and GSM. So study GSM thoroughly and be prepared with ur traning as well. Jst be frank with them and tell them if u don't know.
    GSM is the KEY to success here.
    35 students appeared for the written.14 were shortlisted for interview and finally only 7 were selected.
    Offer letters were given on the same day if interview.
    By God's grace,I was one of the final selections.

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