Nokia Siemens Networks  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CITM,Faridabad-29 Aug 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CITM,Faridabad-29 Aug 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends,

    Recently Nokia Siemens Networks came to CITM, Faridabad to take students as Solution Engineers.

    It took 35 students out of 800 students. The entire selection procedure was

    1) Written test (Technical & Aptitude)

    2) Group Discussion

    3) Interview (Technical and HR)


    1) Written paper

      There were 95 questions in 90 minutes divided in 4 sections.

    a) Analytical and Logical Reasoning

    b) Verbal Ability

    c) Quantitative

    d) Technical

      All the questions were very simple and being engineers it was not much of a problem to crack the paper.

    *Analytical section had questions like complete the series, figure completion, simple logical reasoning and other easy questions.

    *Verbal ability had paragraph reading,matching the choices.

    *Quant had simple profit and loss questions,percentage,simple geometry questions

    *Technical part mainly comprised of networking questions. Remember NSN is Networking gaint so you should know atleast basic networking fundas like OSI layers and there Functions.

    After about 2 hours results were announced and 310 candidates were short listed. We were divided in froup and 10 and were send for GD same day.

    GD  topics were

    *Love marriage vs arrange marriage

    *Should india help pakistan at time of flood

    *Common wealth games

    Please keep in mind GD is not about screaming and keeping your points,its about listening to others and speaking without interrupting anyone.please be patient and never try to speak too much n go off track.

    Results were announced shortly after. 140 candidates for Technical and HR interview next day.

    Next day

    There were 3 panels for taking technical interviews. Some of the basic questions that was asked nearly from all candidates were

    1) What do you about GSM.

    2) Block diagram of GSM.

    3) CDMA, FDMA, TDMA.

    4) GPRS and its architecture.

    5) Networking related quetions like OSI layers and there functions.

    6) Everything about your summer training and 6 months project.

    7) SDH

    8) And if you are lucky then they will ask you about your favourite subjects.

    Please make your resume very carefully because they read your resume thoroughly and usually ask from the project part. Do not write anything if do not know it.

    HR interview

    HR round was pretty cool. They made us feel pretty comfortable and at ease. HR round was basically simple interaction.

    1) Tell me about yourself.

    2) Your family background.

    3) Why u dotn want to go for any IT firm.

    4) Your strengths and weakness.

    5) Why do u wanna NSN.

    6) Why NSN should hire you(they dont wanna hear those cliche lines like i m hardwoking and all,so better prepare some good and different points).

    7) They told us about salary and Job post.

    Everyone was told that they will be noticed from mails in weeks time if they are selected. We recieved the mail next week on tuesdays and i was 1 of the lucky 35 candidates who recieved mails. So friends hope i'm able to help you out in some why and if you have any queries or need any kinda  help regarding paper or anything please feel free to contact me at

    Catch you at NSN, God bless.


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