Nokia Siemens Networks  Placement Paper   Technical - Electronics   ASANSOL ENGINEERING COLLEGE-7 Apr 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks  Placement Paper   Technical - Electronics   ASANSOL ENGINEERING COLLEGE-7 Apr 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    NOKIA SIEMENS held their campus recruitment for ASANSOL ENGINEERING COLLEGE on 7-th and 8-th April on college campus .
    First there was a ppt. containing brief idea about the company profile . It may help you at the time of INTERVIEW . So keep noticing and go through their website .

    Selection Procedure :-
    1) Aptitude Test ( Quantitative + Technical )
    2) Interview ( HR + Technical )


    Quantitative  Part ( 30 Questions , 20 mins )

    Very easy questions lyk
    1) if a & b is odd den the which id d even number  : a) a + b  b) a * b  c) a / b
     Ans : a )
    2) if the speed of a train is h km/hr and covers a distance in t sec , den how long it takes to cover same distance if  the speed increase d km/hr in terms of t ?    a) ht/h+d  b) ht/(h+d)  c)h+d/ht
    Ans: b)
    3) problem on area
    4) problem on series completion
    5) a,a,u,u,o,o,i,i_ _
    6) problem on critical reasoning
      a problem was dere , n different condition , you have to choose right option
     5 questions are dere
    7) a synonym
    8) other easy quantitative

    After interview round 25 among 90 was selected . I was one of the lucky fellow to get through ......


    Q)  So , where r u from ?
    Q)  Why ur WBJEE rank is not matching up wid ur academic performance ? ( It was 5775   )
    Q)  Tell something about your family background ?

    Q) Tell something about Nokia Siemens ?

    Q)  Which is your favourite subject ? ( I told dig. electronics )

    Q) Whats ur comfortable zone form dere ? .....flip-flop

    Q) And the uncomfortable ? ...... synchronous portion

    Q) So tell me , u heard about multivibrator  ? .... yes

    Q ) what are the types ? ......(a , mono , bi )stable

    Q) can u draw their clock-pulse waveform ? .... drawn

    Q) What is duty cycle ?  ..... t on  / ( t on  + t off )

    Q ) where is d use  of multivibrator ? .... told

    Q) draw the circuit of half wave n full wave rectifier ? ....drawn

    Q ) what is d disadvantages of full wave ? n how can rectify it ?.....bridge rectifier

    Q) draw dat one also n explain ?

    Q) Do u know SMPS ? ...  only told full form n its application areas ..

    Q) only dat much about SMPS ? .... sorry i don't recollect at the moment  more

    Q) ok , draw the layers of OSI model ? ...drawn

    Q) what is router ? .....told

    Q) tell me about ethernet ?....told

    Q) ok , so what u have read last night ? ..... nothing special sir , only mobile connection set up

    Q) So explai it ...... explained

    Q) i don't think it is right .. check it ......... checked and rectify the errors

    Q) So what is that Base station and Mobile station ?

    Q) What is paging ? ...told

    Q) Ok , do u have any problem about posting in anywhere in INDIA ? .....

    Q) any questions for us ? ..... asked about our likely responsibility at Nokia if get selected

    At evening the result was published .... and luckily I got selected among 7 out of 25 .......

    C U @ NSN ....
    TAKE CARE ...



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