Nokia Siemens Networks  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bangalore-14 Jul 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Bangalore-14 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    This is Nikhil (ECE, SSIT, TUMKUR, 2010 passout).
    I attended off campus recruitment process conducted by Nokia Siemens Networks on 15th of July 2010 in Bangalore.

    Branches: ECE,TCE,CSE,ISE,IT

    Selection process had mainly 3 rounds.
    1. Written test
    2. Technical interview
    3. HR interview

    Written Test:(no -ve marks)
    Paper consisted of 3 sections.
    1. Technical paper        (20questions,15mins)
    2. Logical reasoning      (20questions,15mins)
    3. Quantitative aptitude  (20questions,15mins)

    Technical  Paper: 
         was mainly concentrated on operating system. Most of the questions were from concepts like
     1. Memory management
     2. Scheduling
     3. Multitasking
    10 out of 20 questions were from OS. There were around 2 questions from each of following topics
     1. Basics of UNIX/LINUX
     2. C programing
     3. HTML
    I suggest for those who are from electronics background to have basic knowledge of OS and C programming as i am from same stream and we don't study these subject in our academics much.

    Logical paper:
                  In this paper each questions is around 5 to 6 lines and you really dont find time to solve all questions. So i suggest to take up this part after finishing Technical and  Aptitude. There were questions on
     1. Whose taller(some conditions and u need to find who is taller).
     2. Colors
     3. Directions(1st city is to the north of 2nd,3rd is to the west of 4th and 4th is to the east of 2nd. Find the irection of 1st written 4th).
     4. Blood Relations (Refer verbal reasoning by R.S.AGARWAL for this section)

    Aptitude paper:
                   This section had basic questions of aptitude. Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal is enough 4 this section. Questions were from topics like

     1. Profit and loss
     2. Percentage
     3. Area
     4. Simple interest
     5. Distance n speed
     6. Time n work

      90 cleared written out of 250 and were called for the further interview on the next day of the written test.

    Technical Interview:
                        Technical Panel consisted of two.One among them was a line manager n other had an experience of 6years.

    Q1) Introduce yourself.
    Q2) Started asking abt final year need to know each n evry corner of ur project  
       if u r attending off campus.It went for around 20 mins on project.
    Q3) They asked which r the programming languages i know.
       (just say only those which u know perfectly)
    Q4) Asked wch r the concepts i am knowing in c.
    Q5) Told me to write any simple prgm in c.
       (i wrote swap progrm.He asked many ques on logics n syntax in the same prgrm.Be 
        confident on ur ans)
    Q6) Told me to write a prgrm using pointer.
       (i wrote function calling by refernce using pointers n explained)
    Q7) Asked me to explain Recursive functions using an example.
    Q8) Asked some ques from modulation techniques like QPSK,its advntages.

    I finished my Technical interview by 11 in morning and they called me for the HR round at 4.30 in the evening.

    If you clear Technical round, HR round is just for formalities.

    Finally around 30 were selected out of 90 and luckily i am one among that.

    Joining date was 1 week after interview.
    Package: 3.75lakhs per annum.

    From my experience i say that you need luck and lot of blessings from god to get selected in off-campus.

    Wishing you good luck,
    C U @ NSN.



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