Nile Delta Lobes


This is a coupled run of the HydroTrend River flux model and the Coastline Evolution model CEM. The run is not intended to simulate realistic conditions, but it is thought to be a proxy for the Nile delta. The simulation has two river draining to the coast; one has a wave field comming straight at it, the other wave field comes in under an angle. This results in different development; somewhat similar to the Rosetta and Damietta lobes of the Nile delta in Egypt. For the Nile delta, the first run, kept all parameters constant as discussed above while changing only parameters found in the Wave and Avulsion component. The wave height was set to 1m, period of 6s, asymmetry of 0.4, and highness of 0.7. The avulsion component was set to have two rivers with no deviation, and was restricted to -60 and 70. This appeared somewhat similar to the real Nile with the major difference the angle of the rivers. Graduate Research Assistant, Mark Hannon, CSDMS, INSTAAR Univ. of Colorado, Boulder

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