Nihilent  Placement Paper   General - Other   -13 Oct 2008

Nihilent  Placement Paper   General - Other   -13 Oct 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello, this is aniket. My branch comp. science. It was a open campus drive for cs and it branch .The criteria was 60 throughout .I have gone through all the rounds of nihilent & by the grace of God I have been selected in nihilent. I am here giving u the pattern of  question paper & questions asked in interviews.
    there are 3 rounds:
    1:Written test paper
    2:Technical inter. 

    Written::100questions for 60 minutes
    ques was not tough but time management is very imp imp here. no negative marking and there was no any sectional cut off. cut off should above 50...
    Fill with appropriate articles. Vocab: a word was given & we have to choose from the given options its opposite or its related meaning(Little vocab Power required)
    all the question you all can refer from r s aggrawal...the portion is little bit tough.

    this is the simplest part ..25 question r there I think so I have made 24 question correctly. after 2 hours result was announced out of 600 hundred 66 were selected for next round.

    There were 6 panels.
    I: Good afternoon sir..
    He: Have a seat aniket

    Checked my resume
    1st ques was tell me about urself...this question is just to ease us
    i have told him  about my self...
    they ask all the basic question of c and c++.
    like diff b/w class and object,oops concept,
    some question r
    diff b/w overloading and overriding, data encapsuation,virtual function etc....
    they also ask me from database...question from this part r like
    they ask about keys normalization, and ask some query also..

    After that the interviewer said me to wait outside...After 10 min my call has come again now from here my 2nd technical round start to begun... This is little bit difficult round. in this they ask me only conceptual ques ....and some hr ques

    questions are
    Why do u want join nihilent tech.
    Where will u see Ur self after 5 years...
    After that they ask me about my interest
    i have told c, c++.....but he expecting me java or .net...
    i have told him that i m started .net.
    after that he has given me the program of doubly link list. i have made it. then he ask me question from tree traversing....and some other question... after  5 hours at 9pm the result of tech. came... only 6 were selected from 66..luckily I was one of them.....

    after that hr round come
    HR:-HR was just a formality as i think so bcoj most of hr ques had been asked in tech round.....there r some question that r ask in hr tell me about urself .....and
    she askd me all general ques......
    after that she told me all d best...

    all the 6 student were selected....1 thing i must tell to all of u ...this was my 8th company in which i have sitted ...if i will get frustated i will never selected... so never loose ur hope . and confidence is key for never loose it also..

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