NetApp  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MNIT, Jaipur-20 Aug 2009

NetApp  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   MNIT, Jaipur-20 Aug 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012


    NetApp came on 19-20th of August this yr in our college. They basically came looking for people for Quality Assurance(QA).
    First they took a written test which was quite easy. Then they took 4 rounds of interview(3 tech and 1HR). So I am posting my question from interview.

    Ist Round
    He started of with my summer internship work. He asked me to explain, draw the block diagram of the work and then he asked me how will I test and break the system. Then he came to networking and asked the following questions.
    What do u know about SNMP?
    How do you will know that another computer that is connected  on the network is alive or not.
    I answered that we can find this out by ping command. Then next question was how ping command works?
    Then he asked me to draw OSI layer, then he asked me in which layer does the encryption take place which I wasn't able to answer.
    There were two programs asked, first was a simple program to find out whether a number is prime or not? After I had written the program he asked me what will be the test cases on which you will test the program.
    The next was to find out whether that an ip address was valid or not.(just the algo)
    After I had written the program  he asked me if I had worked on Linux and knew shell scripting, for which I said a little bit, so he asked me if I could write a single line command on shell script for validating, then I said it might be possible using grep and possibly regular expressions but I don?t know the exact command.
    He also asked about the various application layer protocol that I knew about.

    Most question in this round were from my summer internship work and what all testing it required to make it reliable.
    In middle there was also a question on why I want to go for testing? And given and opportunity where you would like to work in the hardware or software?

     Second round(Aug 20)
    This round begin after the frustration of waiting for the company people for about 1 1/2 hr so these things are also possible and one should be mentally prepared for it,
    He started of with one of my  project in robotics and asked me the explain the what I had done for it, after explaining it, he asked me for how did I tested the robot , that included both the hardware and software aspects of testing.
    He then asked me what my core strengths were academic and non academic  and asked to given an example of non academic strength where I had utilized it. He then gave me a puzzle to solve which was something like this,
    There are five lanes for horses to run. You have 25 horses, how will you find out which are the fastest 3 among the 25 horses in minimum number of turns without the use of any time or distance measuring device assuming that on a horse will run at the same speed on each turn.
    I was able to give a quick solution to it which I knew was not at all minimum but I thought instead of keeping on thinking and not saying anything to the interviewer might not make a good impression, after the solution he asked me to think about a better solution, on which you can say we both were working as a team, he kept giving me a few hints in between on which I kept moving forward and finally the problem was solved, I guess the motive of giving the puzzle is not to test your ability or intelligence but to test that if you can't solve some problem yourself then how can you collaborate and work together to solve the problem.
    When he was finished he asked me if I had some question related to company or anything ?
    I asked about what were the growth perspectives for me in the company , in the sense that if I was with net app for  5 years where could I see my self after those 5 years.

    Third Round(Aug 20)
    He started of with asking how as been the experience so far for the interviews, to which I answered that it had been a nice experience and net app is the first company visiting our campus and I am really looking forward to the interview. He again asked about the same robotic project as the previous one, I guess they are very interested in robotics, again the same question how  to test it and make it fault tolerant
    He then asked me  which is the subject of interest to me,  what I knew was that if you say os then they ask very tough question from os, so I said os but also added that,  I was doing my final year project related to smart card os, so he then asked me about my final year project why were we doing  it? After that he asked very simple questions on os:-
    1. What is mutex?
    2. Why we use mutex?
    3. Other tools for synchronization?
    4. With my dbms project on resume I had written that I used AJAX, so he asked me about AJAX how, and why we use AJAX.
    He asked me difference between mysql and sql * plus(it was on my resume), the only difference that I could recall was that intersect and minus operations are not allowed in mysql but are allowed in sql
    5.  Then  he asked me to write a query to show intersect operations and how will you show only distinct tuples.
    6. He then asked me to write query for an inner join and also asked about all types of outer join.
    7. He also asked me how was a normal day for me in the college.

    Fourth round (Hr)(Aug 20)
    She started with saying that we will start of with your education and then move forward,
    So I explained to her about my educational background , then she asked me about my strengths and examples where I had used them,
    Then she asked about why was I interested in testing profile and would you like to move to developing any time soon.
    A question was there on my plans for higher education to see how much commitment I will give to the company and not leave it after 1, 2 years  so I told them right now I had no plans and even if I go for higher education after being selected in Netapp I will like to go for a education that benefits me from the Netapp's point of view
    Then she asked me what all programming languages I knew and if you had the choice to work any other languages would you do so ? To this I said if a choice is available then I will like to work on the languages known to me, but if need be I will be highly open to learn any new language and technology.
    These were some of the points that I concentrated on during the interview
    Warning : they might not be the best ones or even the correct ones
    1.    Most question were from the training and the projects that you had done so don?t write any thing on your cv that you don?t know about
    2.    If you find any question a bit ambiguous or you are not able to understand the question do ask the interviewer to explain (but ask in polite manner)

    Eg : First round : when He asked me about my training I asked him that would he like to know about the idea behind the project  or the work done by me ?

    3.     When he asked me to write the algo for validation an ip, I asked him if he was looking to validate and Ip v4 address or Ip v 6 address
    4.     If an interviewer ask you if you have some question about the company, do ask them.
    5.     For tech question, if possible explain the thing on paper with diagram
    6.     If  any tech question comes to which answer is not fully  known ,one possible answer can be that explain whatever you know and then say that  I know only this much about the topic. I did this with grep and snmp
    7.     Try digressing  to your strong tech points of which you have good knowledge at that moment.
    Eg: when he asked me area of interest I said OS but also told them about my final year projects, so in the end only very simple questions were asked form OS
    This was as much as I could recall from the interview.

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