NeST  Placement Paper   General - Other   SCT,Trivandrum-25 Aug 2008

NeST  Placement Paper   General - Other   SCT,Trivandrum-25 Aug 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends, I'm Prabha Joseph from LBS Institute of Technology For Women.I attended the NeST placement @ SCT clg on 25th Aug,2008.Cutt-off was 70%.There was ppt in the morning.After that they conducted separate test 4 CSE & EC students. There was NO NEGATIVE MARKING.

    The pattern (CSE) was as follows:
    (1)IQ(20 questions in 20 min)
    (a)4*4 matrix given with 1 box empty,find the no
    (c)find no of triangles in given fig.,
    (d)if log 3=.477 & log(1000)x=3,find value of x,odd one out,....

    (2)APTITUDE(30 questions in 30 min)
    (a) % problems-3 or 4 questions
    (b) direction-from X movin forward 8m reaches Y,move towards rite 5m,reach Z,turn rite move 7m then turn rite & move 5m.find distance from X 2 this pt?
    (c) blood relation,
    (d) time& distance-car travels in 15kmph after sometime increases speed to 18 kmph & total distance is 350km,find time taken,
    (e) ratio & proportion-prob on (M*H*D)/W,
    (f) age problem,
    (g) coding,mensuration(cylinder),
    (h) simple & compound interest,
    (i) permutation & combinations-hw mny ways can letter'CORPORATION' b arranged so that vowels r together,
    (j) simple equation-If i add 7 times my age 7 yrs from nw to 3 times my age 3 yrs ago,i get 12 times my current age.hw oldi will b 3 yrs from nw,
    (k) progression-if 3rd term of GP is 3,find product of first 5 terms,
    (l) clock.

    (3)TECHNICAL(25 questions in 30min)
    Features of OOP,output of given code(2 questions),break point,worst & avg case of sorting,min no of swappin in which sortin,use of loader,use of compiler,
    scheduling used in Windows XP. S->(S),S->x.Is it top down,bottom up parsing or ambiguous,two threads used in same m/y if shared m/y,.....

    After the test,they short-listed the CSE candidates to 18.The interview started just after the result was published.There was only 1 panel(both tech & HR).
    Interview lasted for 20min per person.First i was asked 2 introduce myself,then abt c++(pass by value,pass by reference,static variable,dynamic m/y allocation),then questions based on our fav subj,wat impressed me in the ppt,computer configuration,hw i update new computer technology.They'll ask abt the mini-project.

    The result was published by 9:30pm.Out of 18 students,they selected 7 students &  i was one of them.
    Be confident in wat u say & always be pleasant.


    Regards Prabha Joseph    

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