NCR  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   NIIT, Mulund Center( Mumbai )-26 Dec 2006

NCR  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   NIIT, Mulund Center( Mumbai )-26 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi Frends?

    I am Sandeep recently gave NCR- Teradata Aptitude test. NCR Coming for NIIT students. This Company took freshers for DW (teradata) there are 150 students appeared for the test. Out of that 70 students cleared the first round & finally 40 students selected. I ?m one of the student of that 40.

    I tell you whatever questions I remember.


    It Consist of 2 round first is Aptitude & final round is Tech + HR round. There different panels for HR interview. Aptitude test having 2 sections first one is general maths & second one is a technical question based on database & C ques. Technical part is very easy. I suggest you first solve technical part. Test Consists of 60 questions in 1 hr. there is no sectional cut off. But overall cut off is 25  I got 38.


    Sec- 1) 40 ques on MATHS

    Sec -2 ) 20 ques on C & Database

    1) Data Interpretation, Train, boat, time & work, Interest & simple series problems.
    2) Technical questions is- what is pointer, find out simple output, some database query. All questions are very easy. I give u answer all of these questions.

    For Maths section Answer is as -
    2) A                 3) A           6) C           15) A         16) A
    17) A               18) A         19) B         20) C         21) A
    35) D               36) A         37) C         38) D         39) A


    For technical section Answer is as -
    41) D               42) A         43) B         44) A         45) B
    46) A               47) A         48) C         49) B,D      50) D
    51) A               52) A         53) B         54) D         55) C
    56) C               57) B         58) B         59) C


    That?s all. So Tech & Hr interview is very easy. They asked me normal questions. What is functions, OOPS concepts, diff. between FOXPRO & ORACLE. Ans is FoxPro is DBMS & Oracle is RDBMS. What is XML, diff. between primary key & Unique key. & HR questions is Tel me about urself, ur weakness.. That?s all



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