NCR  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   NCR - GURGAON-22 Apr 2006

NCR  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   NCR - GURGAON-22 Apr 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    NCR PAPER Dated April 22nd,2006 held in  Hyderabad.

    Results are not declared yet.
    Four Sections.
    1.RDBMS/SQL Concepts.   (5 Marks)
    2.C and Data Structures.     (5 Marks)
    3.Programming.                  (10 Marks)
    4.Operating Systems.          (5 Marks)
    Each section contains five bits.Except Programming.

    1.Operating Systems. (5 Marks)
    1.Using UNIX Shell Commands,how you will count the number of lines in ASCII
    2.What is sticky bit in UNIX.
    3.Difference between process and deamon.
    4.Why thread is light-weight
    5.What is Monitor.
    2.C and Data Sructures (5 Marks)
    1.program given n asked to write the type of error.
    2.write tha c code in one statement for given "N" number is ODD/EVEN
    3.what are linked list.
    4.Question on binary search tree.(dnt remember) function was given n asked to explain that function.
    3.RDBMS/SQL(5 Marks)(Dont Remember exact questions)
    1.If two tables are given.
        write the query for all departments id and the sum of all
      employee sal should be greater than 500. "true" from dual where 1="NULL";
        will this dual statement will return NULL if not rewrite the statement.
    3.Two tables were given and query was given on "left outer joins"  and asked to write the output. 
    4.Query on subquery/nested query was given to select the correct  o/p( 4 multiple choices were given).
    5. difference between PK column and unique column.
    4.Programming  (10 Marks)
    Write a c program
    take two strings "str1" and "str2"  and find the end letters of the first string
    return true if found.
    (Paper Submitted By : Rani)

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