NALCO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   The Oriental Saminary, Rabindra Sarani,kolkata-26 Sep 2010

NALCO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   The Oriental Saminary, Rabindra Sarani,kolkata-26 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,
    I have attended the written test of NALCO for Mechanical Enggineering on 26th of September, 2010. Overal the question paper was somewhat easy and some questions are upto the standard and needs some basic understandings of the candidate. Here i am posting some of the questions, i have remembered. The options may be different as it came in NALCO paper, the questions are like that as follows. There are 120 questions(60 Technical and 60 non-Technical including aptitude, G.K, Engg and LR) having 2 hours and 30 minutes of durations.


    1) The ratio between hoop stress and longitudinal stress is:
    2) Maximum efficiency of screw jack having square threads and friction angle of 30 degree:
    3) The ratio of no.of teeth and pitch circle diameter in case of gear:
    Diametrial pitch
    4) If any core is required in case of wire ropes?
    5) How many outermost electrons are present for semiconductor material.
    6) Which of the following is a wrong property for austenite?
    a) Ductility b)hardness c) magnetism d) none
    Ans: magnetism
    7) Polyester belongs to
    a)Thermoplastic b) thermosetting d) PVCd) phenolics   
    Ans: thermosetting
    8) The purpose of sprue is:
    Ans: supply the molten metal from pouring basin to gate
    9) For getting steel from C.I which quantity has to be controlled.
    Ans: carbon
    10) Airplane parts are machined by which processes? Unconventional machining.
    11) Unit of power in SI system is:
    12) Value of universal gravitational constant G: 6.66X10^-11
    13) Emissive power of a perfect body depends on:
    a)wavelength b) temperature c) nature of the body d)all
    Ans: all
    14) perfectly black body absorbs all incident rays falling on it.
    15) The KE of molecules depends on: absolute temp
    16) Absolute zero pressure can be achieve at:
    Ans: when the molecular vibration among the molecule tends to negligible.
    17) Equal volume of all gases weighs as much to their molecular weights,
    18) Locomotive boilers are:
    horizontal internally fierd, multitubular mobile boiler
    Ans: All
    19) Babcock Wilcox boilers having water tubes:
    a) Vertical b) horizontal c) inclined d) vertical and inclined ans: inclined
    20) Boilers are manufactured according to which standards
    a) IBR B) ASTMC) DIN
    21) Efficiency of diesel engine with increase in cut-off ratio:
    a)increase b) decreases d) remains constant d) none Ans:decreases
    22) In single stage centrifugal compressor, the variations as speed increases:
    Ans: flow increases and efficiency decreases
    23) A heat engines consumes which value of oil?
    a) HCV b) LCV c) net CV d) none Ans: LCV
    24) Which of the followings are not IC engines
    a)steam turbine b)gas turbine c)2-stroke petrol engine d) 4-stroke petrol engine Ans: steam turbine

    25) Crankcase explosion in case of IC engines occurs :First with mild followed by big explosion

    26) Hydraulic accumulator consists of: a piston and a ram

    27) A mould is housed in a:
    a) flask b) cope c) drag d)moulding box

    28) hydrogen have how many isotopes? Ans: 3

    29) Drift loss in case of natural draft cooling tower?

    30) ?Approach? means what in case of cooling tower

    31) The purpose of true centrifugal casting is: to cast symmetrical objects about the axis

    32) A basic shaft is whose upper deviation is zero.

    33) The parts of a casting to be machined is coloured in red colour.

    34)A continuous beam is one which has supports at more than one points.

    35)A reversible machine in case of screw jack is having efficiency greater than 50%.

    36) Normally steam turbine rotates at:
    a) Natural frequency b) at much higher than natural frequency c) at much lower than natural frequency.
    37) PCD of involutes profile gears depends upon:
    a) Pressure angle b) it?s an element helps in manufacturing

    c)proportional to base diameter ans: pressure angle

    38) Inclined venturimeter gives:
    a) same reading b) less reading c) more reading ans: same readings

    39) Flow of water from nozzle:

    a) Elliptical b) parabolic c) hyperbolic d) circular

    Besides this there are 4 questions from nuclear power plant, 2 from hydroelectric plant and some others i have not remembered properly.

    Non Technical:

    1. What is the currency of China
    a. Yuan    b. dollar       c. euro

    2. What is minimum gap between tow session of parliament.
    a. 3 month  b. 6 month     c. 12 month    d non of these

    3. Who got the Rajiv Gandhi khel rattan 2010
    a. abhinav bindra   b. saina nehwal   c. vishawa Nathan 

    Choose the synonyms of the following.

    4. PIQUANT



    Find the next terms of the series 
    8. 5,17,37,65,?..,145
    a. 95      b.  101   c.  107  

    9. 5, 1.5, 4.5, 13.5?
    a. 40.5 Ans

    10. 3, 11, 19, 35, 51, 75...

    a. 91 Ans

    11. P man can do a work in the day. In how many day np man do this work and times
    a. time/n Ans

    They  given on passage with 5 Questions
    One  data interpretation with 3 Questions

    Ten Questions from Data sufficiency like is two consecutive no. p>q

    12. p+q=odd              2. p.q=even
    Second part is technical in they give very simple Questions
    13. Full form of MIPS
    a. Million instructions per seconds

    14. ~ ~A
    a. A       b. ~A        c. 0        d. 1

    15. ~A(A+1)
    a.0        b .A            c. ~A         d. ??

    16. (A+B)`
    a. A`.B`ans

    17. Which of the following language platform independent
    a. Java

    18. Which is the typical error 
    a syntex error   b. semantic error    c. run time error

    19. Cache memory

    Is which type of memory? a) Primary b) Secondary

    20. Magnetic Flux is measured by which meter?

    Ans: Flux meter

    21. If diagonal of square is increased by 30% then how many % increases in area?

    a) 69%

    22. Which country is allow for wolf hunting after 45 years ban?

    Ans: SWEDEN

    23. Ellora is temple of

    Ans: Buddist, Hindu, jain

    24) Barcodes are read by:a)card reader b)laser c) floppy etc

    Ans: card reader
    25) How many deemed universities are de-recognised by the government in 2010?
    26) Among the following cities, which one is at the highest altitude above mean sea level?
    (a) Bangalore (b) Delhi(c) Jodhapur(d) Nagpur
    Ans: Bangalore

    Dear friends, I may be wrong with my answers, please cross check with your answer.

    Nirakar Parida

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