NALCO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   R.B RAMROOP SCHOOL NEW DELHI-26 Sep 2010

NALCO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   R.B RAMROOP SCHOOL NEW DELHI-26 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,
    I appeared in the test of Nalco there are two part first general aptitude and one technical both contain 60-60 Questions. Time for both 2:30 hours
    First part contain some questions
    1. What is the currency of china
    a. yuan    b. dollar       c. euro

         2. What is minimum gap between tow session of parliament.
    a.a. 3 month  b. 6 month     c. 12 month    d non of these

    3. Who got the Rajiv Gandhi khel rattan 2010
    a. abhinav bindra   b. seina nehwal   c. vishawa Nathan 
    Choose the synonyms of the following.
    4. PIQUANT
    Find the next terms of the series  
    8. 5,17,37,65,?..,145
    a. 95      b.  101   c.  107 ????
    9. 5,1.5,4.5,13.5?????
    a. 40.5  ans
    10. 3,11,19,35,51,75??..
    a. 91ans
    11. p man can do a work in the day. In how many day np man do this work and times
    a. tm/n ans
    They  given on passage with 5 Questions
    One  data interpretation with 3 Questions
    Ten Questions from data sufficiency like is  two consecutive no. p>q
    1. p+q=odd              2. p.q=even
    Second part is technical in they give very simple Questions
    1 Full form of MIUs
    a. Million instructions per unit ans
    2. ~ ~A
    a. A       b. ~A        c. 0        d. 1
    3. ~A(A+1)
    a.0        b .A            c. ~A         d. ??
    4. (A+B)`
    a. A`.B`ans
    5. Which of the following language platform independent
    a. java ans
    6. Which is the typical error 
    a. syntax error      b. semantic error    c. run time error
    7. Cache memory is which type of memory?
    8. Magnetic Flux is measured by which meter?
    Ans Fluxmeter
    9. If diagonal of square is increased by 30% then how many % increases in area?
    10. Which country is allow for wolf hunting after 45 years ban?
    Ans SWEDEN
    11. Ellero is temple of
    Ans Buddist, Hindu, jain
    Technical Questions for Electrical dicipline
    1.Turboalternator is having
    Ans larger diameter and small axial length
    2. Air gap in induction motor
    3. Fuse is which type of device
    Ans Protective device
    4. Circuit breaker is
    Ans Current Iterupting device
    5. Sag is provided in transmission line
    6. Service main is
    Ans secondary distribution
    7. Dc motor
    Ans convert electrical energy in mechnical energy
    8. Current in armature of Dc motor
    Ans AC
    9. Pointer of potientiometer is made up of
    Ans silver
    10. Relative permeability of metals rages from
    Ans 1-10
    11. Relative permeability leeser than 1
    Ans diamagnetic material
    12. Material which never get saturate
    13. Yoke is made up of
    14. Core is made up of
    15. Thermal efficiency of steam power plant
    16. Effeciency of primary cell
    17. If rating of 1 phase induction motor is same as 3 phase induction motor then size is 3 phase induction motor
    18. Distidution supplys how many voltage
    19. If reactive power get increase than P.F
    20. If lagging reactive power get increase than P.F
    21 In house connection are in parallel because
    22 Dc motor generally have which typof load
    All the question are from basic knowledge. I think cutoff will goes very high.

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