NALCO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Delhi-26 Sep 2010

NALCO  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Delhi-26 Sep 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I'm Abhishek Bharadwaj. I wrote NALCO get exam on 26 September. I struggled a lot to find previous years question paper for NALCO. So in order to help you guys i'm posting some questions what i am remembered

    There was 2 section
    60 aptitude questions

    60 technical questions


    Almost 8 questions from Data sufficiency

    7-8 question general knowledge.

    Question: Which is on the highest from sea level

    1) Delhi   2) Jhodpur   3) Nagpur

    Question: Who got khel ratna in August 2010

    ANS: Saina nehwal

    Question: Alora cave has picture stories related to which religion

    1) Hindu  2) Hindu & jain  3) Boudha  4) All(hindu&jain&bough)

    Question: Currency of China


    Question: Maximum time limit for 2 assembly of rajya sabha

    1-6 month

    2-9 month

    3-12 month

    Question: No of university proposed to ban by Indian government


    1 passage describing difference atomic power station and coal based power station 5 to 4 question based on it level easy

    3 synonyms

    A) piquant b) clandestine c) stubborn

    4 fill in the blank English sentences

    1 differentiation y=sin-1 (x/1+x2)

    1 question on men and work

    Overall aptitude section was easy.


    First i would like to tell that technical was not like GATE exam at all there were very basic questions like choti choti magar moti batein. So more concentrate on facts rather than solving numerical questions

    1) Where file goes on deleting recycle bin

    2-3) theoritical question based on information system, i really didn't get these which language is plateform dependent

    4) Option including java

    Which is the basic component of Jsp page

    Script directive almost 4 question about full form of acronyms




    Which language is used in wap

    4 languages, pascal cobol sql none, no question from TOC, no question to find output from programs, 2 question based on data compression algorithm, which data compression algorithm uses association concept

    sanan fano lwt

    If one feels stress in back then which mouse he/she should use, some options was there, virtual memory provides, protection sharing, fastest memory in system, cache secondry auxilary primary, cache memory works with, primary secondry alone, basic building block of software system

    OS is a system s/w application s/w. Which is not used for image.jpg .bgp .doc. So it was more over computer awareness

    One more important thing there was no minus marking.

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