Nagarro  Selection Procedure

Nagarro  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012

     There were two parts

    1) aptitude duration 90 min
    2) technical duration 60 min (for freshers) / 30 min (for exp)

    In technical paper, we had a choice of three papers - Java, Vb, & C++. Iwrote on C++

    In aptitude paper, they have 25 qns on maths and 25 on reasoning. Maths qns level is same as that of CAT. Mensuration, trignometry, interests etc. are asked. they alos provide you with some formulae on the back of the qpaper. pls note that not all the formulas will be used and not all that are needed are provided. there is negative marking in both papers (+3 & -1). I prepared for this section from IMS CAT material.

    Find the output (4-5 qns on this)
    Time complexity
    Queue, deque, linked list
    We can simulate queue using two stacks. Can we simulate two stacks using a queue? etc.. 

    it was 90 mins. aptitude test (50 ques.) - comprising of maths aptitude(25 ques)(trigonometry,pythagoras theorem,basic geometry,mesuration,profit/loss,average,time/speed problems,etc.) and rest 25 ques. were analytical reasoning (eg.set of 5-6 ques. based on a set of statements....gre barrons style). next was the c++ test again 50 MCQ - they asked everything from inheritance to static variables to extern to pointers to data structures etc.

    1) apptitude duration 1 hour
    2) technical duration 45 min

    in apptitude, they asked mostly about the geometry sudied in 9th &10th std. all the mensuration & pythagorus theorem. trapezium, 
    quadrilaterals, their properties, angles to be found. allmot every thing.In technical, they had 6-7 questions on code optimization and time complexity of c/c++ code. few questions on hashing technique and 3-4 on operating systems and networking. the c, c++ test was quite simple and it had general questions.that is all i remeber, i hope this helps u all.

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