Nagarro  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Gurgaon-21 Jul 2007

Nagarro  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Gurgaon-21 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi all,
    I have attended Nagarro Off Campus Test on july 21 at Gurgaon.
    Following is the complete test paper of the test as I remember..

    Firstly There was an Aptitute test (90 min) comparising two sections as follows:
    1. Mathematical Ability Test - 25 Questions
    2. Analytical Ability Test - 25 Questions

    Mathematical Test:-
    There ws questions from Mensuration (Circle, Rhombus, Square, Cube etc..), Trigonometry( Sin, Cos.. etc..), geometry (Circle's chord.. etc)
    Questions were above average level but they had given the list of formulae. so it was easy to solve..

    Analytical Test:
    This was comparatively easy one.  There was 5 group of questions with instructions given for each...
    1. quesions like.. A is father and have to children M & N of opposite sex.. B is the sun of M... etc... easy to solve if you are able to make a graph.
    2. Than there was a question which were saying about the arrangement of books...Other questions was work group questions...In short Aptitude was ok..

    Technical Ability Test:
    This was difficult. three questions to be attempted in 60 min. The Coplete Technical Paper was as follows:
    Write the Pseudo code for the following:
    1. Wrie a function which returns the most frequent number in a list of integers. Handle the case of more than one number which meets this criterion.
     public static int[] GetFrequency(int[] list)
    2. Counting in Lojban, an artificial language developed over the last fourty years, is easier than in most languages
    The numbers from zero to nine are:
    0  no
    1  pa
    2  re
    3  ci
    4  vo
    5  mk
    6  xa
    7  ze
    8  bi
    9  so
    Larger numbers are created by gluing the digit togather.
    For Examle 123 is pareci
    Write a program that reads in a lojban string(representing a no less than or equal to 1,000,000) and output it in numbers.

    3. Where now stands that small knot of villages known as the Endians, a mighty forest once stood. Indeed, legand has it that you could have stoodon the edge of the wood and seen it stretch out for miles, were it not for the trees getting in the way.
    In one section of the forest, the trees stood in a row and were of hight from 1 to n, each hight occurring once and once only.
    A tree was only visible if there were no higher trees before it in the row.
    For example, if the heights were 324165, the only visible trees would have been those of height 3,4 & 6.

    Write a Program that takes an array of integers representing the heights of the trees in the row as input and prints the list of the visible trees.

    I hope I have help upto some level to all of you..
    Wish you all the best..

    Thanks & regards:
    Deepak Kumar

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