Nagarro  Placement Paper   General - Other   Delhi University-5 Jul 2007

Nagarro  Placement Paper   General - Other   Delhi University-5 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    The written exam consisted of 25 general maths questions on trigonometry, circles, area, perimeter, mensuration, time, work, distance etc ques.
    and aptitude consisted of 4 ques with several parts. they wer twisty ques including the puzzle test ques given in R.S.Aggarwal verbal-nonverbal book....

    The second written exam included 4 coding ques which wer to be written in C++.  It was something like this:
    1.The code should emphasize on min time and then min memory requirements.
    2.The time limit was 1hr 30min.

    Ques1: Given an array containing k nos in the range 1..n and another scratch array of size n. Write an program to remove the duplicates from the array.

    Ques2: Given a table of the form:
    Product    Sold on
    A           1/1/1980
    B           1/1/1980
    C           1/1/1980
    A           1/1/1980
    B           1/1/1980
    C           2/1/1980
    A           2/1/1980

    There are 30 products and 10,000 records of such type. Also the month period during which sales happened is given to u.

    Write the program to display the result as:
    Product  Month     No. of copies
    A           January       12
    A           February     15
    A           March         27
    B           January        54
    B           February     15
    B           March         10
    C           January        37

    Ques3: Definition of priority queue was given. We have to implement the priority queue using array of pointers with the priorities given in the range 1..n.
    The array could be accessed using the variable top. The list corresponding to the array elements contains the items having the priority as the array index.
    Adding an item would require changing the value of top if it has higher priority than top.
    Extracting an item would require deleting the first element from the corresponding queue.
    The following class was given:
    class PriorityQueue
     int *Data[100];
     int top;
     void put(int item, int priority); // inserts the item with the given priority.
     int get(int priority); // extract the element with the given priority.
     int count(); // returns the total elements in the priority queue.
     int isEmpty(); // check whether the priority queue is empty or not.
    We had to implement all these class functions.

    Ques4: An array of size 5X5 is given to us. The elements from 1 to 25 are to be inserted in the array, such that starting from a particular position for an element i, the next element i+1can be inserted only at the mentioned positions (u,v), and if these all positions are occupied then it returns giving a count of how many positions have been occupied in the array:
    (u,v) = (x+/-3 , y)
    (u,v) = (x , y+/-3)
    (u,v) = (x+/-2 , y+/-2).

    Example: if the starting element is 1 with the given positions (1,2), then next element 2 can be placed at any one of the positions marked with *.
    _ _ _ _ _    
    1 _ _ _ * 
    _ _ _ _ _    
    _ _ * _ _  
    * _ _ _ _    

    Function to be implemented is fun(int start, int end) where start and end will give the start and end coordinate of first element i.e. 1.

    There wer three interview rounds: 2 tech interviews and one HR.
    In the first tech interview ques from C/C++, operating systems and DBMS wer asked. they emphasised on RDBMS.. also some puzzles wer asked.
    The second tech interview, we had to explain the codes which we wrote in the written exam and some optimizations to be done with them. 
    The third HR round was just a formality... every thing about ur life, ur parents, ur success, ur good times, bad times, wat made u happy, ur strengths, weakness, ur life experience and so on....
    these wer all which i remember...
    All the best...

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