Nagarro  Placement Paper   General - Other   -5 Oct 2007

Nagarro  Placement Paper   General - Other   -5 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Paper1:40 objective type ques to be completed in 60 minutes
    20 general maths
    20 reasoning

    Paper2:5 subjective prog. ques to be completed in 2hrs
    (language of implementation:C/C++/Java/.net/pseudo code)
    Some of d programs are:

    Ques.. A string is entered like aabcdeaabcjlkjerwlaaabbsadfdsf??.
    And u hv to print those characters which exceed a given no. n entered by user.
    Ques.. Sum of  nos. nos. like(very very long no.s)

    Ques.. Enter braces like {{}{{}}{}{{  ?. }}}}
    & o/p should be : { bracket on 3 matches with 2 {
                                 { bracket on 6 matches with 5 {
                                 { bracket on 7 matches with 4 {
    and so on. Till last
    Ques.. U hv to enter 5 nos. and check
    Eg. Nos u enter are : 5,9,12,14,15
    & o/p is 1 2 3 4
    As 15-14=1, 14-12=2, 12-9=3, 9-5=4

    Ques..A suduco given & u hv 2 check if  it is incomplete(blanks left),or correct or incorrect

    Ques.. U hv to enter a string and check whether it is a perfect string or not.
    A perfect string is a string which has occurance of every character only once.
    Eg absdhkqwertyuioplmnvczx

    Ques.  U hv to enter a range from a and b and search hw many no. of times a  pattern n. occurs between  the range a and  b.
    Eg :i/p:enter range :0  100
    Enter pattern: 13
    o/p:   the no. times 13 occurred betwwn 0 to 100:1

    Eg :i/p:enter range :100  1000
    Enter pattern: 13
    o/p:   the no. times 13 occurred betwwn 100 to 1000:
    (in this 13,113,131,132,133?139,213,313,?913 all these will be counted)

    Ques.: game

    Ques.A ques bank(class) and u hv 2 search books(struct)  randomly with 3 given sub,priority &

    Ques.  Head-tail

    Ques.Binary search using recursion

    Ques.  Height of trees which r visible
    Eg 3 2 5 1 7 6 4 8
    o/p :3 5 7 8

    Ques. Html tags <html>,</html>, <p>  & ct their no of  occurance of each tag & also check whether it correct or not

    Ques. 2 tables given
    T1:rollno, name
    T2:rollno, marks
    Find t3:condition,  no.of stud hving  mrks,  name of topper
    Above 90   
    Above 80   
    Above 70   
    Above 60   
    Above 50   
    frm 91-100   
    frm 81-90   
    frm 71-80   
    frm 61-70   
    frm 51-60
    Ques  A string  given and we hv 2 find hw many time a code has occurred in the string
    Eg: a pece of code is checked & code is correct code.
    o/p: occurance 1: code
          occurance 2: code
          occurance 3: code

    Ques  bubble sort using recursion 

    Ques   insertion in sorted doubly link list 

    Ques   game ina circle 1 to n,we hv to make out every time a no and see which lasts is winner 

    Ques  password code nt to be repeated
    Eg 1234ehse,nt aahg,abcabcdhd

    Ques  perfect string a-z,no char repeated in str,only once

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