Nagarro  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -19 Jul 2007

Nagarro  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -19 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    First Stage->1) Aptitude & Mathematical
    Apti was easy, & most of the qestions wr from R.S Aggarwal  U also need to prepare for trignometry, height & distance , volume,  Surface Area , but that was easy. 

    2) Technical
    Three programs were given to us , which can be solved using  any  language even pseudo code is alowed. 
    The Programs were like=>  

    P1)Suppose user enter a no. 5, then a 5*5 square matrix is created such that no element is repeated neither in the column nor in the row . now user enter another no. whose positions are to be find out

    P2)Two tables are given , one contains the employees data and the other contains the emp name & the date on which he/she  is absent
    (i.e the absentee table), we have give the presentee table.

    p3)Two Link lists are given , one contains the emp id & emp name and the other link list contain the emp e-mailid & his empid, Now if a user enters  the empid then emp name & emp emailid should get print.  All these questions hav to b done in efficient and with less time complexity. All these questions hav to b done in efficient and with less time complexity. 

    Second Round-> 
    Afetr approx. 15 days i get the call for the second round, for which  we go  to the NAGARRO's Gurgaon office. In all 11 students came there. there again we were given three programs to solve.

    The Programs were like=>
    P1) A multi-link list is given which is having a menu like structure and we had to find the highest element in that.

    P2)A Binary no. is given, we hav to find it's decimal equivalent.

    P3)A  very large array of string elements is given , and there is another array containing only five string elements. we hav to rtrn true if the small array elemnts exists in the larger array in the same order ( not necessary to be consecutive), otherwise rtrn false. 

    Third Round->  H.R Round 

    Fourth Round-> Technical Interview   

    In this we had to explain all the programs  that we had  made so far.


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