Nagarro  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Numerical   Father Agnel School,New Delhi-9 Feb 2008

Nagarro  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Numerical   Father Agnel School,New Delhi-9 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends, Navneet here from Meerut.I gave Nagarro paper. 

    1.sinx+sin2x=1,then cos2x+xos4x=?
    a)1         b)3              c)0                 d)none
    2.cos 30d/sin 10d + cos 59d/sin 31d =?
    a)1            b)2                c)3              d)4 
    3. x pow (a+b) . x pow(b+c).  x pow (c+a)/ (x pow(a). x pow(b) . x pow(c)) pow(2)=?
    a)0               b)1                 c)8                d) 5
    4) length of minute hand is 5.4 cm, area covered by this in 10 min is ?
    a)50.97              b)57.23             c)55.45           d)59.14

    some related to profit and loss and reasoning-: Only Puzzles.
    Programmin section 1.30 hrs 4 question.
    1)Seat Planing
    Write a function for seat allocate and seat reserved.Seat allocate array and seat reserver array.Seat allocate array is of 10*20 and each row and column represent A1,A2....;B1,B2.....;........J1,J2... and so on i.e row are A to J whereas col starts from 0 to 19.Each cell in the table represent either 0 or 1. 0 rep seat available , 1 repr seat reserved.

    Seat allocation starts from highest to lowest.And row j is highest, i is second highest and so on. Max 20 seats can be booked at a time. if seat is available  print the seat no like "B2" i.e (2 row, 3 col) and seat is booked." otherwise Print "Seat is not available." 

    2) A string of charater is given.Find the highest occurance of a character and display that character.
    I,J(if equal occurance)

    3)Remove all the blank spaces between character.Matrix is of 10* 10.
    eg: INPUT
    | N   |   A      |        |  V      |       |T
    |        |G         | U   |           |P     |
    |T      |          |        | A       |       |

    | N   |   A      |  V    |  T     |       |
    |G     |U        | P     |          |        |
    |T      |    A   |        |        |           |

    4)write a function to give demostrate the functionality of 3d in 1d. function prototye:
    change(int value,int indexX,int indexY,int indexZ, int [] 1dArray);
    value=what is the date; indexX=x-asix   indexY=y-axis     indexZ=z-axis and 1dArray=in which and where the value is stored.

    As much as I remembered I Put my best.
    Thanks you

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