MTNL  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   guru Harkishan Public School,nanak Piao,delhi-33-18 Jan 2009

MTNL  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   guru Harkishan Public School,nanak Piao,delhi-33-18 Jan 2009

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Dear PSU Aspirants,


    I would like to share my experience with you and hope this experience would add on to your endeavors that you are making to get through such exams .I would like to tell you that the paper in not at all tough but yes, it is tricky .So if you are thorough with your specialization you will surely come out with flying colours. Here is a gist of the paper that I had faced on the said date .My specialization is Human Resource. So here goes the sample as per my memory??.


    Human Resource section


    1.    In SWOT, O stands for?

    2.    Herzberg Theory

    3.    Power Distance

    4.     In Conflict,what is collaboration,accommodation?

    5.    As per the Indian Employment act(Standing order),how many workers should be there in the factory?

    6.    What is Cost of living allowance,mobility allowance?

    7.    types of leadership?

    8.    Personality types

    9.    Halo Effect

    10.  Specialisation of labour

    11.  job enlargement and Job enrichment

    12.  what is the other name of reward power?

    13.  Salary Compression?

    14.  Honesty test includes what?

    15.  Burnout?

    16.  Stress causes- sweating or trembling and restlessness

    17.  ------------ is a method by the employer and the union come in contact if a contract has been violated

    18.  Choose the wrong answer?

           a)rules are followed because employee fear punishment

           b)grapevine  helps in knowing grievance(provides vital clue)

           c)only genuine grievance should be handled


    19. If a man has become fat,then the company should undertake

    a)  employee assistance program

    b)  cafeteria awareness program

    20. Forced choice method?

    21. Arbitration?

    22. forced field method

    23 Sensitivity training

    24. job rotation

    25. Downsize is for?..

           a) permanent period

           b)temporary period

           c)employee could be called back

           d)short period

    26. Honesty tests

    27. There were many questions on Compensation

    28. Internal equity

    29. BARS

    30. Job specification includes?

    31. Cost of living allowance

    32. Fringe benefits

    33. Group shift

    34. group think

    35. Assissment centre

    36. HRP.




    1.  The price at which govt takes goods from the farmers?

    2.  Profit and loss

    3.  meaning of Vituperate and Dazzle

    4.  Duck and drake?

    5.  which vitamin is required for coagulation?

    6.  First woman foreign secretary of India

    7.  KOnkan railways has reduced the distance between Kochi and Mumbai by 1/5,1/2,1/3,1/4.

    8.  Alkaline soil is found in?

    9.  If one angle is 60 degrees ina  polygon and the other angles increase by 24 degrees then calculate the

          number of    sides

    10 .when is sarva siksha abhiyan supposed to end?

    11. Real numbers

    12. quadratic equation

    13. average

    14. AP,GP

    15. Probability

    16. Cone

    17. Sphere.



    All the best


    Vinita Srivastava.

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