Mphasis  Placement Paper   Technical - Database   Aditya Engineering College, Surampalam-28 Jan 2011

Mphasis  Placement Paper   Technical - Database   Aditya Engineering College, Surampalam-28 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    College: Aditya Engineering college

    Test on 29th Janunary, 2011
    My name is Kushal.
    Selection  procedure
    1. Written test
    2. TR
    3. HR
    My MPHASIS Experience in TR round
    I have been waiting for the call from morning.At last was called at 4.00pm.
    I enterd into the room and i have wished them, then I have give my resume to him.
    TR: Do u know c language
    me: Yes sir i know it
    TR: Ok.What is Function?
    me: I have answered it cofidently
    Function is set of lines of code. It can be used for reused as many times in the program. If there is no functions concept in c language then number of line in the program would be to decrease the number of lines which are reused commnly many times in the program.
    TR: Ok. Do you know DBMS
    me: Yes,sir
    TR: Tell me some statements in DBMS
    me: In DBMS we have many statements such as select, update, delete.
    TR: Which catagory they belong to
    me: These statements are belongs to DML
    TR: any more types are there
    me: yes we have DDL,TCL,DCL
    TR: ok...tell me about Dynamic memory allocation
    me: it is of two types malloc,calloc. In malloc the memory is allocated into single unit and it is divided but coming to calloc it allocates the memory in the form of blocks. They are type casted because the default return type of malloc,calloc is void.
    TR: ok, you have done ur Interview Thank you.
    me: Thankq sir
    After completion of my TR with in few minutes of time i was called for HR
    I am happy that i was select in TR.
    me: very Good evening sir
    HR: very good evening. ok kushal why ur percentage was decrease in B.Tech when compared with 10th and Inter
    me: In my schooling and Inter i have known two things only going to school and returning back to home,but coming to B.Tech changed alot that participating in all the extracurruicum activites,going to other colleges for paticipation, so because of balancing every thing in my B.Tech it got less % compared with my schooling and inter.

    HR: ok, what are ur extra curricular activites
    me: I participated for dance competitions in different colleges and also for project presentation.

    HR: Why should we hire u?
    me: I have work dedication,i can manage the work easly,i can mingle with people easly,i can easly adpot to the new environment.

    HR: what is ur Dream Job?
    me: my dream job is to be in higher position where ever i am working.

    HR: where u would be after 5 years?
    me: I will be as project Leader sir

    HR: ok, what are the qualities of Project leader?
    me: project should manage his time properly for completion of work in time,he should communicate with his team all the time,he should monitor his team members.In my B.Tech i am the project leader to my acedamic project.

    HR: ok, how u communicate with ur team members?
    me: I assign the tasks to my team members.after completion of their work they come to me then i give feedback to them. feedback in the sence if they wrote numbers of lines,then if there is possiblity to decrease the number  of lines then i tell them this is the write procedure to do the work easly. I always communicate with my team members every time whenever we are free and also ass the status of their work at that time. I also explain if they was no idea how to do it.If i dont have knowledge of doing it then i meet to my faculty members and also surfing net for information.

    HR: ok.. Do u have any enemies in ur team?
    me: no,sir everyone in my team are my friends there were enemies in my team.

    HR: How long do u work for the company?
    me: till my last i will work for the company.

    HR: till last in the sence?
    me: as long as i can....

    HR: how much u rate to urslef if 1 is poor and 10 is good
    me: i rate to myslef as 7 because if i rate as 10 then i should be able to have more known.I always used to learn something else from others because there is alot of information to learn.

    HR: ok.. kushal thankq
    me: thankq

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