Mphasis  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-19 Aug 2007

Mphasis  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-19 Aug 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


     Today is happiest day of my life......becoz i selected in MPHASIS company after so many attempt...
    total students appeared-250
    shorlisted after written-35
    finally selected-6

    Firstly thanx to becoz by this site i get information @ company test i want to tell you my experience there were 3 steps to get through first was the written test .in that 4 section

    1) English...only 2 small passages was there each carry 5 questions. i must say that dis section was quite easy
    2) Quantitative- this section consist of mathmetical question... u don't hav 2 worry about this b'coz all the ques which comes in test belongs to R S AGRAWAL(QUANTITATIVE). 
    question from %age(easy one), simple intrest(was easy), mixture and allegation, time and work, problem on ages, boats and streams...
    3) Reasoning- prepare this section by R S AGRAWAL...
    4) TECHNICAL-Questions frm data structutre,C,C++,os........mainly malloc ,pionter,per ,post.....there was no negetive marking but cutoff in technical section.
    After clearing written test i have to go to face interview because selected students in the written test was less in no. thts y hr managers decide to take interview directly bt in some places gd would also conducted...

    The HR QUESTION which they asked 2 me was...
    1) tell me abt urself?
    2) why do u want 2 join mphasis?
    3) how many os do u know?
    4) how many language do u know?
    and very simple question related to data comm(osi layers) and data structure

    All the best, do ur best with your hardwork and ya i thing i would also like to say that luck also plays very imp role in it....
    believe in god and in yourself 2 u'l definately get achieve ur goal.....c u in mphasis

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