Mphasis  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SV Campus, Tirupati-3 Feb 2011

Mphasis  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SV Campus, Tirupati-3 Feb 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Future Leaders,

    This is Manohar, recently I've attended MPhasiS Drive On 2011 3rd Febraury in @ svu campus Tirupati.
    Process Consists of few rounds as follows


    1. Written (through AMCAT)  Attended 50+ in campus @ SVU Eng.College tpt.

    2. GD                                 no gd round for us

    3. Tech-HR                        5  are cleared the written .


    Any how.


    I?m here not 2 say about How are the Interview-Q?s? and how 2 answer them ? but to share my Experience which I come across (in) my Journey. It?s all about. Hope On/Off (the) Campus I?ve visited few firms__

    The List of Companies are:

    1) TCS: Cleared Written, Cleared Technical, failed in HR Interview. (Lack of Confidence, Not Pre-prepared company details)

     networks side]

    2) Techmahindra : failed in written test

    3) Mphasis : I cleared all round


    Written test consists 4 sections

    1. Verbal         25

    2. Aptitude 25

    3. Technical 25

    4. Reasoning 25


    Communication round  80 questions 20 minutes.

    Total time duration is

    2 hours 20 minutes.

    At any moment don?t let your hope down. Only your aptitude can help you to get a job/Career. Be Confident in yourself.


    Students came here to know about Q's they Asked?

    See here i'm texting how my Interview is went.

    Technical and  HR:
    The honorable MPhasiS Team concentrate on Resume Itself.
    Based on my Resume.

    Q1) How Honest you are?

    Q2) Regarding my hobby "Community Work" ?

    Q3) Tell me about ur project.

    Q4) what are the abstacles u faced in the project?

    Q5) why  should I hire u?

    Q6) which areas u want to be improved?

    Q7) Differentiate C & C++?

    Q8) Program on is it prime No in C?

    Q9) Overloading/ overRiding programs in C++ ?

    Q10) Are u relocatable?

    Q11) Are u ready to work at night times?

    Q12) Where did you see after 5 years?

    Q13) Why MphasiS?

    Q14) You mentioned almost all good qualities in your resume. May I know any Areas to improve from your side?

    Q15) Ok. Anil we've done Any Q's?


    Simply HR ni nene HR chesanemoO anela finish Ayyindi naa Interview. Waiting for results. I hope i'm in MphasiS soon.        


    After  5 days they gave the result.


    God grace I selected .


    So I am very happy.

    Keep in Mind:


    Don?t loss ur confident at any point of time.

    Confident make a role in hr.eye contact and body language plays vital role in interviews.and also be prepare company details.


    Will you see at Mphasis. An hp company




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