Mphasis  Placement Paper   General - Interview   IET,Alwar-15 Sep 2007

Mphasis  Placement Paper   General - Interview   IET,Alwar-15 Sep 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    hello friends,
    first of all cheers up ! i got placed in MPHASIS on 15th september,2007 at iet,alwar in joint campus recruitment.i m telling you guys the technical questions asked from me from c,c++,software engg.,data structure,dbms.

    various questions are :
    1) what is new ?
    2) what is diff. between new and malloc ?
    3) what is diff. between link list and array ?
    4) how many normal forms we have ?
    5) and tell something about each of them !
    6) what is cursor ?
    7) what is spiral model ?
    8) what are various phases of sdlc ?
    9) name  some protocols !
    10)tell output of a program !
    11) tell diff. b/w c and c++ ? 

    thats it !
    see the main thing is ur confidence level.simply say no if u think u donno d answer.see  u in mphasis.bubye. 



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