Mphasis  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sriram Engineering College-7 Sep 2007

Mphasis  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Sriram Engineering College-7 Sep 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi,   I?m K.K.Aravindhan doing my final year technology in SriRam Engineering College. I?m very happy to inform you people that I got selected in Mphasis - an EDS company. I thank freshersworld for its vital support to me .There were about 15 colleges participating in the campus interview. Approx. around 1500 students appeared for the interview. NO. of studs apperared : 1500+ , for the next round : 83 , finally : 50 got selected.

    There are three rounds aptitude, technical HR or GD and general HR.
    The aptitude consists of the following.
    1.READING COMPRHENSION=10 Q (2 passages little bit tough dont spend more time)
    2.ANALYTICAL ABILITY=15 Q (logical reasoning,blood relations,data sufficiency etc )
    3.NUMERICAL ABILITY=15 Q (speed,work,time,pipes & cisterns,train,ratio and proportions,shares )

    (be careful in this company there is only sectional cutoff in tech section )

    Read from R.S.Agarwal book for ANALYTICAL and NUMERICAL ABILITIES.

    For technical HR make sure that you know the concepts of C,C++/OOPS, data structures , OS , DBMS.. As far as GD is concerned it might be ?a just a min topic? also.. It depends upon the output of the first round of selection

    In general HR they will test your communication skills. So be bold enough to answer the questions Have a strong faith in the infinite power of god and he will take care. Pray well and go for the interview. Actually I?ve attended more than ten companies before this and by god?s grace I got selected in this Mphasis. My failures helped me  conquer my differences. So don?t worry about the previous failures. Keep working and one day you?ll definitely land in it..

    ALL THE BEST !!!

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