Mphasis  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-1 Oct 2007

Mphasis  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-1 Oct 2007

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi All,
    First of all I would like to Thank freshers World for their Valuable service. Most of the Students got in to IT Companies because of these kind of websites and the resources they put in.Like freshers world.....

    Becaus 75% of the People will not get placed in their first Company itself...

    Experience Teaches at the Cost Of mistakes so,to know how to face Interviews Please keep referring these kind of Sites. You will gain more Experience on How to Clear the Interview...

    Let me come to the Selection Process of MphasiS an EDS Company. I would like to Share my experience with MphasiS an EDS Company .. EDS Acquired MphasiS Recently. Before going  to the Interview Go the web sites and and just brush up some details about both these Companies.Becoz in HR Round Q's will be asked bout Company.

    Why MphasiS? Wil be the most repeating Q's. Don say  I admire etc etc. Say ans like in ur " Your Own Points" For Ex: You can say like. It is one of the fastest growing Comapanies in IT Industry. Hence it is my logical progression to join with my abilities.

    Please note: MphasiS will give more preference on "How u speak and ur stuff"-Even if u r not technically sound they will expect good Communication Skill......

    Selection Procedure Will be

    2.GD(Very very Important its not lik ordinary GD which will Happen in most of the IT Companies. MphasiS will clearly show that they are very strict and Different in their Selection process in this rond only)

    3. HR+Tech(more HR Q's less Tech Q's)       .

    Apps I don have to explain more... u can refer Standard Books lik Aggarwal,Barron's(Antonyms,synonyms).... Hardware Q's will come(General Q's).Technical c++ or C will come........

    GD---> Each and every time they r changing the way of conducting GD..... They asked each and everyone to go and stand on the Bodium and ask them to talk....... this is one of the Best Elimination rounds.. So be careful with ur Body language,The Way u put up ur words are very Important, Follow the Stage Etiquette. Buddies Kepp ur acumen Here if u clear this GD u r 75% through... Remaining 25% purely  in ur hand...

    HR.. Be bold... You don have to worry about Technical side even if u don know some q's technically try to answer for that.... they will just Check how far will u be able to arrive at a solution.....

    Talk boldly,give Importance to ur Communication....
    Usual HR q's..... like
    Tell me bout yourself.
    Why MphasiS?
    Wat do u know about MphasiS?
    Where will u see yourself after 5 years?
    Wiiling to re locate? If u get better offer will u go?
    Wont u go? if so, Why? 

    Finally i got selected in MphasiSEDS ... Once again I would like to thank freshers world... it helped me a lot to get in to MphasiS...........

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